Fae Trickster
Тип класса Ranged
Тип боя Staff
Урон Magic
Биом Fae Forest
The Fae Trickster specializes in avoiding damage while dishing it out. Use blink to leave behind an illusion that takes the hits for you, while you deal massive damage with your charged up attack.
— In-Game Class Description

The Fae Trickster is a Ranged fighter from the Faerie lands of Trove. This class is considered to be a prankster from the fairy world of the Fae Forest.


Ремесленная станция
Chaos Core Crafter
Ресурс Колич.
Chaos Core small

Chaos Core 3
Flux small

Flux 15,000
Faerie Dust small

Faerie Dust 200
Blank Scroll small

Blank Scroll 30
Diamond small

Diamond 100
50px Fae Trickster 1


Fires a projectile made of magical energy.
Ego Blast
Ego Blast
Шаблон:Ai deal 400% bonus MD after not taking damage for 2s. Taking damage causes the Trickster to lose this buff.

• Damage from a boss' thorns or being ignited by a boss' flame debuff will not affect this passive.

• Spikes have no effect on this passive.

Fae-go my Ego
Fae-go my Ego
The Fae Trickster is able to take an aditional hit before Шаблон:Ai bonus damage is lost. Refreshes after 2s of not taking damage.
Teleports the Trickster in the direction it's moving or in the direction it's facing if not moving. Leaves behind a decoy that enemies will attack.

• Can not teleport backwards while Basic Attacking.

• Can not teleport through blocks.

• Decoys have limited health.

• Decoys are subject to gravity.

• Decoys are immobile and not affected by knockback.

• Decoys mimic Fae Trickster emotes.

• Decoys recieve a small window of invincibility after recieving damage.

• In Battle Arena (PvP), this ability will make the player drop any flag they are holding.

Faerocious Facsimile
Faerocious Facsimile
Шаблон:Ai decoys are no longer immobile; they close in on enemies and explode on contact, dealing damage and stunning.

• Deals explosive AoE damage on contact with an enemy.

• Decoys will follow the player if there are no enemies around.

Glitter Bomb
Файл:Glitter Bomb.png
Throws a shiny bomb which deals damage in an 3.5 block radius and stuns enemies for .5s.

• Holding down the button for this ability will allow the player to aim.

Faerie Dance
Файл:Faerie Dance.png
Summons 3 enchanted staves for 15s to attack the Trickster's enemies.

• Staves have 100% of your health and take 75% damage.

• Staves shoot every 1s.

• Staves spawn two blocks in front of the Trickster.

• Staves require 4 vertical blocks of empty space and will spawn at the next instance it finds the space required starting from the Trickster's elevation going up.

• Staves are subject to gravity.

• Staves are immobile and not affected by knockback

• Staves take fire recoil damage from flaming boss enemies

• Staves take on the appearance of your weapon.

Stat gain per level

Level Magic Damage Maximum Health Energy Regeneration Critical Hit Jump Critical Damage
2 +10 +20 +1 +0.1%
3 +10 +20 +1 +0.1%
4 +18 +40 +1 +0.1%
5 +18 +40 +1 +0.1%
6 +35 +60 +1 +0.1%
7 +35 +60 +1 +0.1%
8 +50 +80 +1 +0.1%
9 +50 +80 +1 +0.1%
10 +50 +100 +1 +0.1%
11 +50 +100 +1 +0.1%
12 +50 +100 +1 +0.1%
13 +50 +100 +1 +0.1%
14 +50 +100 +1 +0.1%
15 +50 +100 +1 +0.1%
16 +50 +100 +1 +0.1%
17 +50 +100 +1 +0.1%
18 +50 +100 +1 +0.1%
19 +50 +200 +1 +0.1%
20 +50 +300 +2 +0.2% +1
21 +100 +200 +1 +0.5%
22 +100 +200 +1 +0.5%
23 +100 +200 +1 +0.5%
24 +100 +200 +1 +0.5%
25 +150 +300 +1 +0.7%
26 +150 +300 +1 +0.7%
27 +150 +300 +1 +0.7%
28 +200 +300 +2 +0.7%
29 +200 +400 +3 +0.7%
30 +250 +500 +4 +1.0% +25


In normal worlds and dungeons, your best strategy is to throw your second ability followed by an attack then decoy to buy time for more attacks you can even skip the bomb altogether if you want.

The Fae Trickster has very high DPS, just as long as you don't get hit. While fighting bosses or groups of enemies, it is effective to repeatedly use the Blink ability to replace your decoys when they are destroyed, and use your basic attack. Make sure to use Blink very often, and try to keep at least one decoy alive when fighting. One hit, even from a simple melee minion, can remove your passive and make defeating foes much harder.

The Glitter Bomb is good at mobbing, but can be hard to land as it has a trajectory that needs to be aimed for it to be used properly, and a small hitbox. The knockback can be useful too, however the knock back can spread enemies onto squishies, leading to a wipe. Glitter Bombs can be deadly if you are able to repeatedly spam them.

The Trickster's ultimate skill has lots of potential; dealing heavy damage and also distracting enemies. The staves that are summoned work like your regular decoy - enemies will target them and not you, as well as the limited health. If you want maximum DPS, make sure to cast a decoy first before using your ultimate so that the enemies don't attack you or the staves, however remember that the staves can prove as a good decoy if you are getting overwhelmed, as there are three of them. They also have a low cooldown timer, so don't be afraid to use them often!

It is normally best to get tons of magic damage and energy regeneration so you can constantly cast the abilities. Going along with that, attack speed is also useful, allowing you to use those abilities quickly. Try to avoid using equips with tank-like stat bonuses (Such as Health Regeneration and Maximum Health, though it's okay to have a little extra health or faster regen for safety). You will want your decoy(s) to be soaking up all the damage so you can use your Ego Blast effectively.

For Shadow Tower's, it is possible to go solo. You'll want to lose any aggro you get, grab one foe's attention, use Blink, and attack, using your basic, Glitter Bomb, and Faerie Dance. Whittle them down one-by-one, even the bosses. The only major trouble might be the final boss, especially since 90% of the time it will have either fire or teleport as its ability, but doing Shadow Arenas alone is possible, given the right equipment and stats (and luck, if stats are lower).

And of course, like all ranged classes, if a situation or quest looks a bit too hard or intimitating, you can just jump and place a column of blocks underneath your feet so that the enemies can't reach you. The Fae Trickster may be lower on health, but it is higher on power; you can swiftly and safely dispatch of the enemies below. Just remember, this tactic won't work as great when dealing with ranged enemies, homing fireball traps, or bosses with the teleport ability.

General Tips

  • Use your Decoy to lure the enemies then fire off a Glitter Bomb to do lots of damage.
  • Dodging (default key being Shift) causes the Fae to fly forward, spinning in an Aileron roll, but that doesn't mean it can fly over obstacles too easily.
  • Spam your Blink to trick the enemies so you won't lose your passive from taking damage.
  • Faerie Dance Staves have health. Do not let them get destroyed if you want to inflict major damage.
    • A misplace of the Staves (such as spawning them on spikes) could kill them before they can shoot.
  • Maintain your Passive--watch out for hazards in dungeons such as Spikes or Homing Fireballs.

Skill Usage

  • Mostly using your Basic attack to do damage ensures the most DPS.
  • A decoy can distract enemies long enough for your passive to reactivate if it gets disabled.
  • Glitter Bomb does AOE damage, this is good for groups of enemies.

Beware of:

  • All enemies: If they manage to hit you in any way, you lose a major amount of your Damage.
  • Being wary of icy floors helps stop you missing your attacks from sliding around too much.
  • Any hazard that inflicts damage disables your passive. Fire traps can hurt quite a bit, and Homing Fireballs can knock you away from your target, while doing similar damage. Lava is obviously bad.
  • Fighting in Lairs and Dungeons can prove a problem for the Trickster, as fighting normally takes place in small rooms which gives you little room to move around in.
  • Spikes can disable your passive before you commence in a fight, as well as giving you a small health disadvantage before you even start.


Fae Trickster (13)
Item Description Obtained
50px Starter Trickster

0 Mastery points

N/A • Granted to all players.
50px Level 10 Trickster

35 Mastery points

N/A • Granted to all players after reaching EXP lv. 10 as Fae Trickster.
50px Level 20 Trickster

35 Mastery points

N/A • Granted to all players after reaching EXP lv. 20 as Fae Trickster.
Dark Fae small Dark Fae

70 Mastery points

A costume for the Fae Trickster. These robes have been imbued with the power of the Dark Fae, so don't be surprised if you start having evil thoughts while wearing them. • Bought from the store for Credits 2 2
Ice Cold small Ice Cold

70 Mastery points

A costume for the Fae Trickster. Woven from threads of enchanted ice, this robe is a must for visiting Dragonfire Peaks in the summer. • Bought from the store for Credits 2 2
Bee Trickster small Bee Trickster

70 Mastery points

A costume for the Fae Trickster. Keepers of the wild wear this sweet garb, tending to forests and meadows in safety and style. • Bought from the store for Credits 2 2
Blitz 'N' Glitz Pack
F43 Trickster small F43 Trickster

70 Mastery points

A costume for the Fae Trickster. Trick, troll, and rickroll your foes with this advanced garb that protects both your physical and digital personas. Bought from the store for Credits 2 2
Blitz 'N' Glitz Pack
Guardian Angel small Guardian Angel

70 Mastery points

A costume for the Fae Trickster. Dress for victory with this heavenly garb. • Bought from the store for Credits 2 2
To The Nines Pack
Night Owl small Night Owl

70 Mastery points

A costume for the Fae Trickster. Whooo haunts the night? You do! • Bought from the store for Credits 2 2
Shadow's Eve Costume Pack
50px Shining Sidhe

70 Mastery points

A costume for the Fae Trickster. Add a spot of sunshine to your fae magicks with this radiant reglia. • Craftable at the Chaos Core Crafter.
50px Chaos Cultist

70 Mastery points

A costume for the Fae Trickster. You can beseech the darkness for power, but who is it answering your invocations? • Craftable at the Chaos Core Crafter.
50px Shadow Sidhe

70 Mastery points

A costume for the Fae Trickster. It is possible to fight shadow with shadow, but only the lightest of hearts should attempt it. Bought from the Shadowy Market
50px Twilight Trickster

175 Mastery points

A rare lunar Fae Trickster Costume. Perfect for playing pranks and making mischief in the moonlight. Bought from the Shadowy Market




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