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Miner's Trove

Miner's Trove

Тип Mystery Box

Открой это, чтобы получить случайные предметы
— Подсказка

Miner's Troves are lootboxes that are randomly obtained when mining ores in adventure worlds. Opening a Miner's Trove is similar to opening Chaos Chests or Radiant Caches and usually contain ores. If you don't get what you want you can sell it on the Player Marketplace for flux, or loot collect it for Blank Scrolls or Glim if it's a recipe or Diggsly.

Miner's Troves have a higher drop rate when mining ores during Tuesday's Daily Bonus.


The following are the contents of the Miner's Trove by rarity:

Miner's Trove small Miner's Trove
Предмет Количество Редкость
Shapestone Ore small Shapestone Ore 15 Обычный
Formicite Ore small Formicite Ore 10-15
Infinium small Infinium Ore 10
Cinnabar small Cinnabar 10
Diamond small Diamond 1 Необычный
Shadow Diamond small Shadow Diamond 1
Standard Block Recipe small Standard Block Recipe 1
Glass Block Recipe small Glass Block Recipe 1
Glowing Block Recipe small Glowing Block Recipe 1
Textured Block Recipe small Textured Block Recipe 1
Metallic Block Recipe small Metallic Block Recipe 1
Diggsly small Diggsly 1 Редкий