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The information in this article is outdated and this feature is no longer used.


If you are wanting to enter the metaforge to preview items or assemble a dungeon you should first create some blueprints.  Information on how to create blueprints can be found in the Material Maps guide.

Accessing the Metaforge

If you don't have game access you can still use the Metaforge (Trove's in-game building tool) with the following steps:

  1. Download the client at this link:
  2. On the first screen click outside of the credential box
  3. Press "F6".

Metaforge commands

  • /weaponpreview <blueprint>i or /wp <blueprint> - lets you test how a weapon blueprint looks in-game.
  • /hairpreview <blueprint>i - preview hair creations
  • /hatpreview <blueprint>i - preview hat creations
  • /facepreview <blueprint>i - preview face decoration creations
  • /decopreview <blueprint>i - preview cornerstone decoration creations
  • /load <filename>ii - load a blueprint.
  • /save <filename>ii - Save a blueprint. (You may also use /save after loading a blueprint to save over the last loaded blueprint)
  • /wadd <prefab>iii # - Adds a prefab to your inventory. The # is optional and specifies amount to be added, the default is 1. These can be found in <GameInstall>iv \Prefabs and its subfolders. 
  • /dungeon <filename>ii - to preview a dungeon fully assembled
  • /settime # - Set the time of day, or night. The maximum value is 24.
  • /timelapsedungeon <filename>ii - Show your dungeon being assembled for troubleshooting purposes.
  • /stoptimelapsedungeon - Cancel/Stop the /timelapsedungeon progression.

i Where <blueprint> is the name of your blueprint. eg. /wp mysuperawesomegun,

ii Where <filename> is the path to a blueprint file. eg. /load D:\Trove\DungeonRoom1,

iii Where <prefab> is the relative path to a blueprint file eg. /wadd placeable\mechanical\track for <GameInstall>iv \prefabs\placeable\mechanical\track.binfab

iv Where <GameInstall> is the folder Trove is installed in.