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Adventurer's Crafting Bench

Adventure's Crafting Bench.png

Category Crafting Station
Type Adventurer
Placeable Club World - Cornerstone
Item ID
A crafting table useful for people who want to adventure.
— Item Tooltip

The Adventurer's Crafting Bench is a crafting station that replaces the original Crafting Bench and the Crafting Menu. This crafting bench specializes in items used in adventuring.


Crafted Using

Crafting Station
Novice Crafting Bench.pngNovice Crafting Bench
Ingredient(s) Amount
Shapestone.png Shapestone 100
Flux.png Flux 50
Adventurer's Crafting Bench.png Adventurer's Crafting Bench 1

Used to Craft

Adventurer's Crafting Bench.pngAdventurer's Crafting Bench
Result Item (Quantity)
Bomb.pngBomb (4) Primordial Flame.pngPrimordial Flame
Shapestone Ore.pngShapestone Ore (10)
Big Bomb.pngBig Bomb (3) Primordial Flame.pngPrimordial Flame (10)
Shapestone Ore.pngShapestone Ore (100)
Result Item (Quantity)
Rejuvenation Station.pngRejuvenation Station Shapestone Ore.pngShapestone Ore (10)
Glim.pngGlim (10)
Origin Portal Potion.pngOrigin Portal Potion Bottle.pngBottle
Glim.pngGlim (3)
Result Item (Quantity)
Mag Racer.pngMag Racer Infinium Ore.pngInfinium Ore (80)
Wild Cupcake.pngWild Cupcake (25)
Faerie Dust.pngFaerie Dust (15)
Enchanted Wood.pngEnchanted Wood (10)
Glim.pngGlim (100)
Neon Nightsky.pngNeon Nightsky Ultralight Flight Chassis.pngUltralight Flight Chassis
Infinity Diamond.pngInfinity Diamond
A.I.-Enhanced Gyroscope.pngA.I.-Enhanced Gyroscope
V6 Flux Capacitor.pngV6 Flux Capacitor
Flux Storage
Result Item (Quantity)
Megaflux Tank.pngMegaflux Tank Flux.pngFlux (9,999)
Glim.pngGlim (75)
Flux.pngFlux (9,999) Megaflux Tank.pngMegaflux Tank (1)
Shadow Tower
Result Item (Quantity)
Shadow Key.pngShadow Key Shadow Key Fragment.pngShadow Key Fragment (50)
Moon Key.pngMoon Key Moon Key Fragment.pngMoon Key Fragment (200)
Eclipse Key.pngEclipse Key Eclipse Key Fragment.pngEclipse Key Fragment (200)
Result Item (Quantity)
Class Gem Key.pngClass Gem Key Class Gem Key Fragment.pngClass Gem Key Fragment (3)
Stellar Empowered Gem Box.pngStellar Empowered Gem Box Empowered Gem Fragment.pngEmpowered Gem Fragment (10)
Glittering Horseshoe.pngGlittering Horseshoe Jade Clover.pngJade Clover (10)
Lapis Luckbug.pngLapis Luckbug Glittering Horseshoe.pngGlittering Horseshoe (6)
Ninth Life.pngNinth Life Lapis Luckbug.pngLapis Luckbug (25)
Builder's Rough Focus.pngBuilder's Rough Focus Bound Brilliance.pngBound Brilliance
Heart of Darkness.pngHeart of Darkness (4)
Flux.pngFlux (2,000)
Builder's Precise Focus.pngBuilder's Precise Focus Bound Brilliance.pngBound Brilliance
Water Gem Dust.pngWater Gem Dust (3,000)
Air Gem Dust.pngAir Gem Dust (3,000)
Fire Gem Dust.pngFire Gem Dust (3,000)
Flux.pngFlux (4,000)
Builder's Superior Focus.pngBuilder's Superior Focus Bound Brilliance.pngBound Brilliance
Diamond Dragonite.pngDiamond Dragonite (30)
Titan Soul.pngTitan Soul (3)
Flux.pngFlux (150,000)
Contained Chaos Spark.pngContained Chaos Spark Lunar Soul.pngLunar Soul (3)
Binding Darkness.pngBinding Darkness (4)
Eye of Q'bthulhu.pngEye of Q'bthulhu (2,100)
Contained Chaos Flare.pngContained Chaos Flare Contained Chaos Spark.pngContained Chaos Spark (2)