Category Currency
Type Adventure
Tradeable This item can't be traded.
Item ID
Earned by completing Club Adventures, this valuable gemstone can be exchanged at the Club Headquarters in the Hub for unusual and exotic goods.
— Item Tooltip

Adventurine are a type of Currency that can be earned after completing adventure quests from various Hero NPCs. Players can spend these Adventurines on decorations, collectible goods, and block recipes. They can be converted to Clubits through the Clubit Minting Machine or the Grand Clubit Minting Machine.

Players with Patron can earn 33% more Adventurine for every completed quest.

Adventurine Rewards

Hero rarity Level 1 quests Level 2 quests Level 3 quests Special quests Percent bonus
Common 10x 20x 30x 36x 0%
Uncommon 11x 22x 33x 39x 10%
Rare 12x 25x 37x 45x 25%
Epic 10x/15x* 20x/30x* 30x/45x* 54x 0%/50%*
Legendary 20x 40x 60x 24/48/72x 100%
*Dracantes, Uzumi, Susiria, Udunn and Snackle are bugged and do not receive the percentage increase.


Adventurine's color, name, and description are most likely based off the real life gemstone called Aventurine, which is a variant of quartz.

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