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Category Currency
Type Adventure
Tradeable This item can't be traded.
Item ID
Earned by completing Club Adventures, this valuable gemstone can be exchanged at the Club Headquarters in the Hub for unusual and exotic goods.
— Item Tooltip

Adventurine is a type of Currency that can be earned after completing Adventures. Players can spend Adventurine on decorations, collectibles, and Adventurine Strongbox Keys. They can also be converted to Clubits through the Clubit Minting Machine or the Grand Clubit Minting Machine.

Patron will increase the amount of Adventurine gained by 33%

Adventure Day will increase the amount of Adventurine gained by 50% (100% if Patron is active)

Both effects will stack, for a maximum of 233% (100 base + Patron + Adventure day) Adventurine gain if Patron is active on a Thursday (Adventure Day).

A full list of Adventures can be found here.


  • Adventurine's color, name, and description are most likely based off the real life gemstone called Aventurine, which is a variant of quartz.