Not to be confused with Autumn Pinata Mount or the Autumn Pinata (Item).
Autumn Pinata
Category Pinata
Type Autumn
Primary Biome N/A
AI Type Pinata
Item Drops
Item (Quantity) Rarity
Flux small Flux
Shapestone Ore small Shapestone
Formicite Ore small Formicite Ore
Infinium Ore small Infinium
Autumn Style Surprise small Autumn Style Surprise Uncommon
Autumn Pin Head small Autumn Pin Head Rare
Autumn Pinata small Autumn Pinata
Dormant Pinata Dragon Egg small Dormant Pinata Dragon Egg Very Rare

Autumn Pinatas are neutral NPCs that are spawned by using the Autumn Pinata Item. Like most pinatas, they do not harm the player nor do they move. Autumn Pinatas the same set of items like most pinatas.


  • Once Autumn Pinatas had dropped Candy Corn ever since it was introduced, but in the Block Friday Edition Patch, they were removed and replaced with Autumn Style Surprises and Autumn Pin Head.
  • For the longest time, the Autumn Pinata never dropped its own seasonal items until the 2015 Block Friday Patch.
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