WARNING: It is against Trion's Terms of Use Agreement (as seen in section 2 and section 12D) to sell codes for real money and/or in-game currency and can/will result in a ban from the game.

Balefire Wings

Balefire Wings

Balefire Wings effect

Wings Balefire Wings

Category Wings
Group Promo
Tradeable NoTrade emote
Designer Trove Team
Mastery 0 Trove Mastery logo
Item ID
Set the heavens aflame.
— Item Tooltip

The Balefire Wings are Promotional wings now given out to streamers by the developers as a promotional item. This item can be unlocked through consuming Streamer Dream Boxes. These wings are much like Wings of the Phoenix but set to balefire green theme and with a larger wingspan.

Codes that can unlock these wings are only distributed through redeemable codes by regular Trion Creators and will automatically be unlocked, so they are unable to be bought, sold, or traded.

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