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Every zone or biome in Trove has its own specific creatures and monsters, which can be more or less a challenge for the player. While most are hostile and will attack any nearby player, there are also a few which stray from this behavior. Killing creatures grants the player experience, a chance for equipment, and a chance for materials such as Glim, which are often used for crafting.

General Behavior

Hostile monsters are affected by the environment in the same ways as the player: they are subject to Environmental Hazards (mainly fall damage and lava), and they can be hurt by some of the same things that harm the player. All monsters are resistant or immune to certain hazards, such as spikes and Flame Turrets. Most monsters have an advanced pathfinding system that allows them to traverse complex mazes to get to the player but cannot jump up any higher than or equal to two blocks. They will also naturally avoid holes in the ground unless the player is in one of them.

For details on specific enemy behavior, see individual enemy pages, as well as AI.

Global Item Drops

Most enemies drop items when killed. Enemies that can drop items have several shared possible drops, in addition to unique resources that vary by enemy type. Enemy-specific drops are detailed on individual enemy pages; the rest can be seen here.

Some NPCs that drop loot such as Pinatas do not use these drop tables.

Item Quantity Rarity Notes
Chipped Sword small.png Equipment
Multiple different types of equipment can drop; possible equipment varies by multiple factors. See Equipment for a full list.
Cookiephant Adventurer's Chest small.png Adventure Boxes
Multiple possible Adventure Boxes can drop. See full list below.
Drop rate can be increased by Daily Bonuses.
Corgi Talisman small.png Talismans
Very Rare
Multiple possible Talismans can drop. See full list below.
Different Talismans have different drop conditions; though all enemies can drop a Talisman, they must be located within a matching world.
Drop rate can be increased by the Mount Menagerie fixture.
Pearl of Wisdom.pngPearl of Wisdom
Very Rare
Drop rate can be increased by the Hoard of Prosperity fixture.
Shadow Stain.pngShadow Stain
Very Rare
Tough Love small.png Tough Love
Very Rare
Very Fishy Wall Trophy small.png Very Fishy Wall Trophy
Binding Darkness.pngBinding Darkness*
Starfire Dragon Egg Fragment.pngStarfire Dragon Egg Fragment*
Very Rare
Shadow Key Fragment.pngShadow Key Fragment*
Shadow Key Fragments can only be obtained in Uber-1 through Uber-5 difficulty worlds.
Higher difficulties give more key fragments.
Number of fragments dropped can be increased by the Hoard of Prosperity fixture.
Quantity and drop rate is decreased in Drowned and Cursed Skylands worlds.
Moon Key Fragment.pngMoon Key Fragment*
Shadow Key Fragments can only be obtained in Uber-6 and Uber-7 difficulty worlds.
Higher difficulties give more key fragments.
Number of fragments dropped can be increased by the Hoard of Prosperity fixture.
Quantity and drop rate is decreased in Drowned, Cursed Skylands and Igneous Islands worlds.
Eclipse Key Fragment.pngEclipse Key Fragment*
Shadow Key Fragments can only be obtained in Uber-8 and Uber-9 difficulty worlds.
Higher difficulties give more key fragments.
Number of fragments dropped can be increased by the Hoard of Prosperity fixture.
Quantity and drop rate is decreased in Drowned, Cursed Skylands and Igneous Islands worlds.
Gem Box small.png Gem Boxes*
Multiple possible gem boxes can drop, depending on the world they dropped in. See Gem Boxes for a full list.
Gem Boxes can only be obtained in Uber-1 and higher difficulty worlds.
Additional Gem Boxes can be granted by Daily Bonuses and the Effigy of Potent Opulence fixture.

*Can only drop from elite enemies
**Prime World drop rate / Elemental World drop rate

Adventure Boxes

Item Notes
Cookiephant Adventurer's Chest.pngCookiephant Adventurer's Chest
Eggster Adventurer's Chest.pngEggster Adventurer's Chest
Phoenix Adventurer's Chest.pngPhoenix Adventurer's Chest
Budgie Buddy Adventurer's Chest.pngBudgie Buddy Adventurer's Chest
Adventurer's Bento Box.pngAdventurer's Bento Box
Adventurer's Neon Dragon Kami Box.pngAdventurer's Neon Dragon Kami Box
Earthly Dragon Adventurer's Chest.pngEarthly Dragon Adventurer's Chest
Panda Adventurer's Chest.pngPanda Adventurer's Chest
Manta Ray Adventurer's Chest.pngManta Ray Adventurer's Chest
Many-Legged Adventure Box.pngMany-Legged Adventure Box
Spire Spirits Adventure Box.pngSpire Spirits Adventure Box
Giant's Winter Chest.pngGiant's Winter Chest Unlike other seasonal/event boxes, Giant's Winter Chests can drop at any time, even outside of their matching events.
They differ from standard adventure boxes in several ways.
Shadow's Eve Adventurer Chest.pngShadow's Eve Adventurer Chest Shadow's Eve Adventurer Chests can only be obtained during Shadow's Eve.
They differ from standard adventure boxes in several ways.


Item Notes
Corgi Talisman.pngCorgi Talisman Corgi Talismans can only be obtained in Uber-7 and lower difficulty worlds.
Meownt Talisman.pngMeownt Talisman Meownt Talismans can only be obtained in Uber-7 and lower difficulty worlds.
Shmeep Talisman.pngShmeep Talisman Shmeep Talismans can only be obtained in Uber-8 and higher difficulty worlds.
Centaur Talisman.pngCentaur Talisman Centaur Talismans can only be obtained in Uber-9 difficulty worlds.
Llama Talisman.pngLlama Talisman
Panda Talisman.pngPanda Talisman Panda Talismans can only be obtained in Uber-8 and higher difficulty worlds.
Rat Talisman.pngRat Talisman Rat Talismans can only be obtained in Uber-8 and higher difficulty worlds.
Griffon Talisman.pngGriffon Talisman Griffon Talismans can only be obtained in Cursed Skylands worlds. This restriction can be removed by a Tier III Mount Menagerie fixture.

List of NPCs

The creatures here are classified by the either the biome or situation where they can be found in or their type. For more details, click and view their individual pages.


Enemies are (usually) hostile NPCs or entities. Most enemies can both harm and be harmed by players, with a few exceptions.

Enemy Phosphage Shadow.png Enemy Shadow Serf.png Enemy Todstrom.png
Shadow Bombardier Shadow Serf Todstrom
NPC Bonkers.png NPC BomBock.png NPC Sassy Squirrel.png
Bonkers BomBock Sassy Squirrel
Medieval Highlands
Enemy Bat.png Enemy Bee.png Enemy Black Scarab.png Enemy Firefly.png Enemy Giant Ladybug.png Enemy Gloomwing.png Enemy Golden Beetle.png Enemy Mushroom Man.png
Bat Bee Black Scarab Firefly Giant Ladybug Gloomwing Golden Beetle Mushroom Man
Enemy Mushroom King.png Enemy Spider.png
Mushroom King Spider

Enemy Bitter Snow Spirit.png Enemy Crystal Spider.png Enemy Fridgebot.png Enemy Frost Wight.png Enemy Frozen Dracolich.png Enemy Ice Beetle.png Enemy Polar Worm.png Enemy Rimetalon.png
Bitter Snow Spirit Crystal Spider Fridgebot Frost Wight Frozen Dracolich Ice Beetle Polar Worm Rimetalon
Enemy Snowblind Strangler.png Enemy Stark Snow Spirit.png Enemy Tentacle Terror.png Enemy Wight King.png Enemy Wight Runecaster.png Enemy Yeti.png
Snowblind Strangler Stark Snow Spirit Tentacle Terror Wight King Wight Runecaster Yeti

Cursed Vale
Enemy Ancient Viking Skeleton.png Enemy Cave Beetle.png Enemy Dark Mushroom Man.png Enemy Dark Mushroom King.png Enemy Death Knight.png Enemy Skeleton.png Enemy Skeleton Knight.png Enemy Undead Emperor.png
Ancient Viking Skeleton Cave Beetle Dark Mushroom Man Dark Mushroom King Death Knight Skeleton Skeleton Knight Undead Emperor
Enemy Viking Skeleton.png Enemy Wraith.png Enemy Zombie.png
Viking Skeleton Wraith Zombie

Desert Frontier
Enemy Arcanium-Crazed Foreman.png Enemy Arcanium-Crazed Miner.png Enemy Bone Blade.png Enemy Cactote.png Enemy Cactote Warlord.png Enemy Desert Crab.png Enemy Emerald Iguana.png Enemy Gila Monster.png
Arcanium-Crazed Foreman Arcanium-Crazed Miner Bone Blade Cactote Cactote Warlord Desert Crab Emerald Iguana Gila Monster
Enemy Gigas Minerbot.png Enemy Saloonbot.png Enemy Shearwing.png Enemy Steambot Drone.png Enemy Steambot Overseer.png Enemy Waspider.png
Gigas Minerbot Saloonbot Shearwing Steambot Drone Steambot Overseer Waspider

Fae Forest
Enemy Caterpillar.png Enemy Dark Fae King.png Enemy Dark Fae Myrmidon.png Enemy Dark Fae Queen.png Enemy Dark Fae Rogue.png Enemy Dark Fae Sorceror.png Enemy Dark Fae Warrior.png Enemy Fae Spider.png
Caterpillar Dark Fae King Dark Fae Myrmidon Dark Fae Queen Dark Fae Rogue Dark Fae Sorceror Dark Fae Warrior Fae Spider
Enemy Faewing.png Enemy Pitcher Plant.png Enemy Wild Fae Female Caster.png Enemy Wild Fae Female Warrior.png Enemy Wild Fae King.png Enemy Wild Fae Male Rogue.png Enemy Wild Fae Male Warrior.png Enemy Wild Fae Queen.png
Faewing Pitcher Plant Wild Fae Female Caster Wild Fae Female Warrior Wild Fae King Wild Fae Male Rogue Wild Fae Male Warrior Wild Fae Queen

Enemy Blue Popman.png Enemy Candy Cornet.png Enemy Cupcake Caliph.png Enemy Fruit Bat.png Enemy Gingerbread Cultist.png Enemy Gingerbread Man.png Enemy Gummy Worm.png Enemy Licorice Lasher.png
Blue Popman Candy Cornet Cupcake Caliph Fruit Bat Gingerbread Cultist Gingerbread Man Gummy Worm Licorice Lasher
Enemy Muffin Maker.png Enemy Muffin Tough.png Enemy Pound Cake.png Enemy Red Popman.png Enemy Soft Serf.png Enemy Spearmint Scarab.png Enemy Sundae Cenobite.png
Muffin Maker Muffin Tough Pound Cake Red Popman Soft Serf Spearmint Scarab Sundae Cenobite

Neon City
Enemy Biped Cannonbot.png Enemy Bladebot.png Enemy Cyberdrone.png Enemy Cyberian Android.png Enemy Flying Cannonbot.png Enemy Punchbot.png Enemy Robospider.png Enemy Taseroid.png
Biped Cannonbot Bladebot Cyberdrone Cyberian Android Flying Cannonbot Punchbot Robospider Taseroid

Enemy Amperium Aerial Recon Drone.png Enemy Amperium Mobile Artillery.png Enemy Amperium Hive Drone.png Enemy Amperium Infantry Drone.png Enemy Amperium Infantry Drone.png Enemy Amperium Launcher Crab.png Enemy Amperium Mobile Artillery.png Enemy Amperium Plasma Blade Wall.png
Amperium Aerial Recon Drone Amperium Artillery Command Unit Amperium Hive Drone Amperium Infantry Command Unit Amperium Infantry Drone Amperium Launcher Crab Amperium Mobile Artillery Amperium Plasma Blade Wall
Enemy Amperium Plasma Blade Wall.png Enemy Amperium Punchbot.png Enemy Amperium Punchbot.png Enemy Amperium Robowraith.png Enemy Amperium Robowraith.png Enemy Amperium Spiderbot.png Enemy Eye of the Overlords.png
Amperium Plasma Projector Amperium Punchbot Amperium Punchbot v2.0 Amperium Robowraith Amperium Robowraith v2.0 Amperium Spiderbot Eye of the Overlords

Jurassic Jungle
Enemy Anuran Troglodyte.png Enemy Anuran Trog Chief.png Enemy Archeosaurus.png Enemy Avian Troglodyte.png Enemy Avian Trog Chief.png Enemy Diatryma.png Enemy Dimetrodon.png Enemy Giant Dragonfly.png
Anuran Troglodyte Anuran Trog Chief Archeoceratops Avian Troglodyte Avian Trog Chief Diatryma Dimetrodon Giant Dragonfly
Enemy Quetzalcoatlus.png Enemy Sabretooth Scarab.png Enemy Sarcosuchus.png Enemy Saurian Troglodyte.png Enemy Saurian Trog Chief.png Enemy Simian Troglodyte.png Enemy Simian Trog Chief.png Enemy Therizinosaurus.png
Quetzalcoatlus Sabretooth Scarab Sarcosuchus Saurian Troglodyte Saurian Trog Chief Simian Troglodyte Simian Trog Chief Therizinosaurus
Enemy Triceratops.png Enemy Tyrannosaurus Rex.png
Triceratops Tyrannosaurus Rex

Dragonfire Peaks
Enemy Dragon Whelp.png Enemy Ember Drake.png Enemy Lava Beetle.png Enemy Lava Crab.png Enemy Magma Drak.png Enemy Magman.png Enemy Magmito.png Enemy Red Dragon.png
Dragon Whelp Ember Drake Lava Beetle Lava Crab Magma Drak Magman Magmito Red Dragon
Enemy Skeletal Drak.png Enemy Stingdrake.png
Skeletal Drak Stingdrake

Forbidden Spires
Enemy Amethyst Dragon Ogre.png Enemy Cinnabar Dragon Ogre.png Enemy Jadebound Phantom.png Enemy Jade Dragon Ogre.png Enemy Jade Scarab.png Enemy Sapphire Dragon Ogre.png Enemy Smoky Fox Phantom.png Enemy Spire Ram.png
Amethyst Dragon Ogre Cinnabar Dragon Ogre Jadebound Phantom Jade Dragon Ogre Jade Scarab Sapphire Dragon Ogre Smoky Fox Phantom Spire Ram
Enemy Terracotta Giant.png Enemy Terracotta Warrior.png
Terracotta Giant Terracotta Warrior

Treasure Isles
Enemy Blue Crab.png Enemy Crab.png Enemy Pirate Cannoneer.png Enemy Pirate Captain.png Enemy Pirate Sailor.png Enemy Sharkhan.png Enemy Sharkhan Deep Seer.png Enemy Undead Pirate Cannoneer.png
Blue Crab Crab Pirate Cannoneer Pirate Captain Pirate Sailor Sharkhan Sharkhan Deep Seer Undead Pirate Cannoneer
Enemy Undead Pirate Captain.png Enemy Undead Pirate Sailor.png
Undead Pirate Captain Undead Pirate Sailor

Radiant Ruins
Enemy Radiant Giant.png
Radiant Giant

Shadow Tower
Enemy Darknik Warbot.png Enemy Dream Monster.png Enemy Ladybug Invader.png Enemy Phosphage Shadow.png Enemy Shadow Bat.png Enemy Shadow Boot.png Enemy Shadow Crab.png Enemy Shadow Drone.png
Darknik Warbot Dream Monster Ladybug Invader Phosphage Shadow Shadow Bat Shadow Boot Shadow Crab Shadow Drone
Enemy Shadow King Crab.png Enemy Shadow Knight.png Enemy Shadow Nautilus.png Enemy Shadow Observer.png Enemy Shadowshroom.png Enemy Shadowshroom King.png Enemy Shadowshroom Knight.png
Shadow King Crab Shadow Knight Shadow Nautilus Shadow Observer Shadowshroom Shadowshroom King Shadowshroom Knight
Enemy Shadowshroom Queen.png Enemy Shadowshroom Rogue.png Enemy Shadowshroom Wizard.png Enemy Shadow Shocksting.png Enemy Shadow Skyscourge.png Enemy Shadow Slugger.png Enemy Shadow Spectre.png Enemy Shadow Spider.png
Shadowshroom Queen Shadowshroom Rogue Shadowshroom Wizard Shadow Shocksting Shadow Skyscourge Shadow Slugger Shadow Spectre Shadow Spider
Enemy Shadow Stiltstitcher.png Enemy Shadow Stingshot.png Enemy Shadow Trapper.png Enemy Shredclaw Shadow.png
Shadow Stiltstitcher Shadow Stingshot Shadow Trapper Shredclaw Shadow

Enemy Blastflower (Sunken Sunvault).png Enemy Crab Warrior.png Enemy Shadow Caster.png Enemy Shadow Clam.png Enemy Shadow Fish.png Enemy Shadow Mage.png Enemy Undertow.png
Blastflower Crab Warrior Shadow Caster Shadow Clam Shadow Fish Shadow Mage Undertow

Enemy Hellbug Invader.png Enemy Ice Giant.png Enemy Shadow Giant.png
Hellbug Invader Ice Giant Shadow Giant


These only appear during specific seasons.

Enemy Spring Beetle.png Enemy Azure Shrike.png
Spring Beetle
(Spring only)
Azure Shrike
(Autumn only)


These are tied to specific events and/or Golden Thread objectives.

Enemy Pumpkin Patch Crawler.png Enemy Pumpkin Floateye.png Enemy Flamotron Mk II.png Enemy G.R.Y.P.H.png Enemy Ice Golem.png Enemy Da Rumpfus.png Enemy Mimic.png Enemy Tentacle.png
Pumpkin Patch Crawler
(Shadow's Eve only)
Pumpkin Floateye
(Shadow's Eve only)
Flamotron Mk II
(Snowfest 2016 only)
G.R.Y.P.H. 3000
(Snowfest 2016 only)
Ice Golem
(Snowfest only)
Da Rumpfus
(Snowfest only)
(Snowfest only)
(St. Qubeslick's Day only)
Enemy Dream Gobbler.png Enemy Shadow Pinata Giant.png
Dream Gobbler
(Turkeytopia only)
Shadow Pinata Giant
(Join the Party/Sunfest only)
Enemy Saminator.png Boss Graawk the Green.png Boss Raawk the Red.png Boss Baawk the Blue.png
(Saminator only)
Graawk the Green
(Saminator only)
Raawk the Red
(Saminator only)
Baawk the Blue
(Saminator only)

These have been removed in past patches and can no longer be encountered naturally.

Enemy Brown Bug.png Enemy Decompiler.png Enemy Radiant Specter.png Enemy Shadow Golem.png Enemy Sharkhan Hunter.png Enemy Unknown Cyberdrone.png File:Enemy Unknown Ghost Knight.png Enemy Valkyroid.png
Brown Bug Decompiler Radiant Specter Shadow Golem Sharkhan Hunter Unnamed Cyberdrone Unnamed Ghost Knight Valkyroid
Enemy Vampire Bat.png Enemy Weevil.png
Vampire Bat Weevil
Unused Monsters
Unused mobs are found in the source code and/or game files, but are not being used at this time. Can be seen to have their own trophies or tied to certain events.
Enemy Ashen Witness.png Enemy Balefire Disciple.png Enemy Balefire Dragon.png Enemy Balefire Soul Thief.png Enemy Balefire Templar.png Enemy Balefly.png Enemy Balegaze Basilisk.png File:Enemy Blue Headed Robot.png
Ashen Witness Balefire Disciple Balefire Dragon Balefire Soul Thief Balefire Templar Balefly Balegaze Basilisk Blue Headed Robot
Enemy Brown Tortoise.png Enemy Flying Gumballer.png Enemy Giant Brown Tortoise.png Enemy Golden Sea Idol.png Enemy Greater Balephantom.png Enemy Ice Giant King.png Enemy Lesser Balephantom.png Enemy Lolipop Lithurgist.png
Brown Tortoise Flying Gumballer Giant Brown Tortoise Golden Sea Idol Greater Balephantom Ice Giant King Lesser Balephantom Lolipop Lithurgist
Enemy Magma Maggot.png Enemy Radiant Guardian.png Enemy Radiant Sentry.png Enemy Radiant Watcher.png Enemy Shadow Lamprey.png Enemy Skopekreep.png Enemy Storm Dervish.png Enemy Vesracna.png
Magma Maggot Radiant Guardian Radiant Sentry Radiant Watcher Shadow Lamprey Skopekreep Storm Dervish Vesracna

Hidden Monsters
Hidden monsters are found in the source code and/or game files, but have no known plans for usage.
Spawn Airmine Lobber.png Enemy Armored Hippo.png Enemy Avistrider.png Enemy Flamethrower.png Enemy Fuzzlin.png Enemy Fuzzlin Knight.png Enemy Grapple Turret.png Enemy Gravity Turret.png
Airmine Lobber Armored Hippo Avistrider Flamethrower Fuzzlin Fuzzlin Knight Grapple Turret Gravity Turret
Spawn Greenfire Lobber.png Enemy Heckbug.png Enemy Hippo.png Enemy Jellyfish.png Spawn Mine Lobber.png Enemy Netgun.png Enemy Penguin.png Enemy Penguintrap.png
Greenfire Lobber Heckbug Hippo Jellyfish Mine Lobber Netgun Penguin Penguintrap
Enemy Pinata Head.png Spawn Poisoncloud Lobber.png Enemy Robostrider.png Enemy Robo-Warstrider.png Enemy Rocket Turret.png Enemy Scarecrow.png Enemy Shadow Hellbug.png Enemy Shadow Scythecrawler.png
Pinata Head Poisoncloud Lobber Robostrider Robo-Warstrider Rocket Turret Scarecrow Shadow Hellbug Shadow Scythecrawler
Enemy Shadow Tripod.png Enemy Soul Thief.png Enemy Stegosaurus.png Enemy Striketower Turret.png Enemy Swamp Fly.png Enemy Turtle.png Spawn Whirlpool Lobber.png
Shadow Tripod Soul Thief Stegosaurus Striketower Turret Swamp Fly Turtle Whirlpool Lobber



Bosses are large, powerful enemies that are usually rarer and/or only found in a specific location or during a specific event.

This list does not include dungeon bosses.

Shadow Titans
Titan Spike Walker.png Titan Weeping Prophet.png Titan Vengeful Pinata God.png Titan Shadow Hydrakken.png Titan Darknik Dreadnought Mk II.png Titan Daughter of the Moon.png
Spike Walker Weeping Prophet Vengeful Pinata God Shadow Hydrakken Darknik Dreadnought Mk II Daughter of the Moon

Boss C455-Andra Proxy.png Boss Titanic Tentakiller.png Boss Trojan Propagator.png
C455-Andra Proxy Titanic Tentakiller Trojan Propagator

World Bosses
Boss Dracocolatl.png Boss Flakbeard.png Boss Thallasion.png
Dracocolatl Flakbeard Thallasion

Hidden Bosses
Boss Brawlobster.png Boss Soulhunter Fae Trickster.png Boss Soulhunter Gunslinger.png Boss Hel'Tarain.png Boss Jealousfish.png Boss Soulhunter Knight.png Boss Mean Manta.png Boss Urmhalit.png
Brawlobster Fae Trickster Soul Hunter Gunslinger Soul Hunter Hel'Tarain Jealousfish Knight Soul Hunter Mean Manta Urmhalit


Spawns are enemies or entities that only appear when spawned by an enemy/boss ability or modification.

Spawn Turret.png Spawn Flame Turret.png Enemy Machinegun.png Spawn Pirate Cannon.png Spawn Healing Pylon.png Spawn Gravity Pylon.png Spawn Spinning Saw Blade.png Spawn Shadow Sprite.png
Turret Flame Turret Machinegun Pirate Cannon Healing Pylon Gravity Pylon Spinning Saw Blade Shadow Sprite
Spawn Shadow Shrike.png Spawn Mushroom Spore.png Spawn Spikebot.png Spawn Floateye.png Spawn Primordial Pinman.png Spawn Autumn Pinman.png Spawn Winter Pinman.png Spawn Spring Pinman.png
Shadow Shrike Mushroom Spore Spikebot Floateye Primordial Pinman Autumn Pinman Winter Pinman Spring Pinman
Spawn Summer Pinman.png Spawn Shadow Pinman.png Spawn Hydrasnek.png Spawn Moon Pistol.png Spawn Moon Disk.png
Summer Pinman Shadow Pinman Hydrasnek Moon Pistol Moon Disk

Hidden Spawns
Hidden spawns are found in the source code and/or game files, but have no known plans for usage.
Spawn Dark Mushroom Spore.png Spawn Fire Dragon Egg.png Spawn Ice Dragon Egg.png Spawn Spider Eggsac.png
Dark Mushroom Spore Fire Dragon Egg Ice Dragon Egg Spider Eggsac

Allied NPCs

Allied NPCs help or interact with players in some way. Players cannot harm them directly.

NPC Battle Broker.png NPC Bomber Royale Merchant.png NPC Booradly.png NPC Club Combat Fixture Merchant.png NPC Club Decor Merchant.png NPC Club Merchant.png NPC Club Merchant Prince.png NPC Club Ultimate Fixture Merchant.png
Battle Broker Bomber Royale Merchant Booradly Club Combat Fixture Merchant Club Decor Merchant Club Merchant Club Merchant Prince Club Ultimate Fixture Merchant
NPC Club Utility Fixture Merchant.png NPC Luxion of the Golden Hoard.png NPC Merchant of Marvels.png NPC Pinates the Purveyor.png NPC Radiant Merchant.png NPC Reliquary Merchant Thundros.png NPC Saltwater Sam Treasure Isles Trader.png NPC Shadow's Eve Event Barker.png
Club Utility Fixture Merchant Luxion of the Golden Hoard Merchant of Marvels Pinates the Purveyor Radiant Merchant Reliquary Merchant Thundros Saltwater Sam Shadow's Eve Event Barker
NPC Shadowy Treasure Isles Trader.png NPC Skelly.png NPC Spooklia.png NPC Travelling Club Merchant.png NPC Saltwater Sam Treasure Isles Trader.png NPC Weaver of Wonders.png
Shadowy Treasure Isles Trader Skelly Spooklia Travelling Club Merchant Treasure Isles Trader Weaver of Wonders

NPC Mysterious Champion.png NPC Ol' Boothilda.png NPC Davey Drowner.png NPC Mycenius.png NPC Marshall McTaggart.png NPC Cardinal Richemelieu.png
Mysterious Champion Ol' Boothilda Davey Drowner Mycenius Marshall McTaggart Cardinal Richemelieu
NPC Chief Brosquatch.png NPC Archlich Kizappian.png NPC Lady Seldarine.png NPC Sarlash.png
Chief Brosquatch Archlich Kizappian Lady Seldarine Sarlash
NPC Neologus.png NPC Yoshimi.png NPC Katonnis.png Enemy Radiant Giant.png NPC Larsene.png
Neologus Yoshimi Katonnis Narandir Larsene
NPC Dracantes.png NPC Irran-Shu.png NPC Uzumi.png NPC Susiria.png NPC Udunn.png NPC Snackle.png
Dracantes Irran-Shu Uzumi Susiria Udunn Snackle
NPC Pebble (Orange).png NPC Ganda.png
Ambarine Ganda

Outpost NPCs
NPC Kami of Proportionate Penitence.png NPC Kami of Calm Conviction.png NPC Kami of Fiery Fervor.png NPC Kami of Tumultuous Torrents.png NPC Kami of Considered Compassion.png NPC Kami of Resurgent Resolution.png NPC Sunseeker Guard (Green Boulder).png NPC Sunseeker Guard (Purple Pebble).png
Kami of Proportionate Penitence Kami of Calm Conviction Kami of Fiery Fervor Kami of Tumultuous Torrents Kami of Considered Compassion Kami of Resurgent Resolution Sunseeker Taskmaster (Boulder) Sunseeker Taskmaster (Pebble)

NPC Amberine.png NPC Boulder (Orange).png NPC Mysterious Champion.png NPC Mysterious Champion.png Critter Sunkissed Froleek.png Critter Bouncy Hoppet.png Critter Lithe Zepperay.png Enemy Lolipop Lithurgist.png
Amberine Boulder Crystal Guardian Friend Gabbro's Froleek Gabbro's Hoppet Gabbro's Zepperay Lost Candy
NPC Pebble (Orange).png NPC Pell, Exploration Expert.png NPC Pebble (Green).png NPC Sunseeker Gabbro.png NPC Sunseeker Guard (Orange Bipedal).png NPC Sunseeker Guard (Orange Boulder).png NPC Sunseeker Guard (Orange Pebble).png NPC Sunseeker Guard (Orange Boulder).png
Pebble Pell, Exploration Expert Percival Sunseeker Gabbro Sunseeker Guard (Bipedal) Sunseeker Guard (Boulder) Sunseeker Guard (Pebble) Sunseeker Guard (Landing)
NPC Mysterious Champion.png NPC Sunseeker Guard (Purple Bipedal).png NPC Sunseeker Guard (Green Bipedal).png NPC Sunseeker Lazul.png NPC Sunseeker Rowan.png NPC Sunseeker Th'lan.png
Sunseeker Guard (Mining Facility) Sunseeker Guard (Restricted Area) Sunseeker Guard (Return) Sunseeker Lazul Sunseeker Rowan Sunseeker Th'lan

Geode Quest NPCs
NPC Relic Keeper Umber.png NPC Sous-Chef Saltina.png NPC Understudy Biol.png
Relic Keeper Umber Sous-Chef Saltina Understudy Biol

Cave Critters
Critter Sunkissed Froleek.png Critter Fresh Howlug.png Critter Ember Cragglepod.png Critter Curious Gleemur.png Critter Bouncy Hoppet.png Critter Amber Jelotl.png Critter Quizzical Qubrik.png Critter Zigzag Zepperay.png
Sunkissed Froleek Fresh Howlug Ember Cragglepod Curious Gleemur Bouncy Hoppet Amber Jelotl Quizzical Qubrik Zigzag Zepperay
Critter Wistful Froleek.png Critter Glamorous Howlug.png Critter Roseflame Cragglepod.png Critter Impish Gleemur.png Critter Handsome Hoppet.png Critter Waverider Jelotl.png Critter Delicate Qubrik.png Critter Lithe Zepperay.png
Wistful Froleek Glamorous Howlug Roseflame Cragglepod Impish Gleemur Handsome Hoppet Waverider Jelotl Delicate Qubrik Lithe Zepperay
Critter Jubilant Froleek.png Critter Supersonic Howlug.png Critter Viridian Cragglepod.png Critter Shrouded Gleemur.png Critter Effervescent Hoppet.png Critter Spectral Jelotl.png Critter Enigmatic Qubrik.png Critter Majestic Zepperay.png
Jubilant Froleek Supersonic Howlug Viridian Cragglepod Shrouded Gleemur Effervescent Hoppet Spectral Jelotl Enigmatic Qubrik Majestic Zepperay

Miscellaneous NPCs
NPC Autumn Pinata.png NPC Celebratory Pinata.png NPC Celebratory Pinman.png NPC Club Merchant Guard.png NPC Hero.png NPC Kevin.png NPC Qubesly.png NPC Party Animal.png
Autumn Pinata Celebratory Pinata Celebratory Pinman Club Merchant Guard Hero Kevin Qubesly Party Animal
NPC Shadow Pinata.png NPC Spring Pinata.png NPC Summer Pinata.png NPC Winter Pinata.png NPC Romancing Pinata.png NPC Shamrockin' Pinata.png NPC Crystal Pinata.png NPC Starglint Pinata.png
Shadow Pinata Spring Pinata Summer Pinata Winter Pinata Romancing Pinata Shamrockin' Pinata Crystal Pinata Starglint Pinata
Hidden NPCs
NPC Crystalline Merchant.png
Crystalline Merchant