Binding Darkness

Binding Darkness

Category Material
Type Gem
Item ID
Crafting Material. Tendrils of deepest shadow, forged into inextricable fetters. Used to forge Contained Chaos Sparks for gem stat reselect. Found in Gem Booster Boxes, Empowered Gem Boxes, and rarely from World Bosses.
— Item Description

Binding Darkness is a gem crafting material used to craft gem augments at the Adventurer's Crafting Bench. This item can be obtained as a common/uncommon drop from Gem Booster Boxes, a rare drop from world bosses in Adventure Worlds, or a rare drop from any monster in a Shadow Tower (excluding cursed skulls spawns).


Used to Craft

Crafting Station
Adventurer's Crafting Bench small Adventurer's Crafting Bench
Ingredient(s) Amount
Lunar Soul small

Lunar Soul 3
Binding Darkness small

Binding Darkness 4
Eye of Q'bthulhu small

Eye of Q'bthulhu 2,100
Contained Chaos Spark small Contained Chaos Spark 1
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