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See also: Biome Concepts and Biome Colors.

Biomes are the environments of a given world. The biome determines what the surface will look like, what plants will spawn there, what enemies will likely appear, and the Lairs and Dungeons. Each type of world will have their own assortment of biomes.  

Prime World

Peaceful HillsMedieval HighlandsThe Lost IslesSea of Deep RegretPermafrostCursed ValeDesert FrontierFae ForestCandoriaNeon CityJurassic JungleDragonfire PeaksForbidden Spires

Elemental Worlds

link:Drowned World Drowned World

The High SeasThe Open SeasLeafy ArchipelagoHaunted IslesMagical AtollTreasure IslesSea of Deep Regret

link:Cursed Skylands Cursed Skylands

The High LandsCursed IslandsRadiant RuinsThe Abyss

link:Igneous Islands Igneous Islands

The Lava SeasLava FlowsHabanero Seas

Shadow Realm

Shadow TowerForbidden ShadowsStygian Sea

Geode Topside

Cerise SandseaHollow DunesWeathered WastelandGeodian Edge

Removed Biomes

Sea of TranquilityCyberian TundraRobo WastelandsTabula Rasa

Event Biomes

Atoll of MadnessDysblockian FutureFae Tombs in the Cursed ValeUndead Tombs in the Fae Wilds

Hub Biomes

Autumn FieldsSpring Fields

Unreleased Biomes