Bitty Shadow Bro

Bitty Shadow Bro

Category Ally
Type Qubesly
Group Shadow Tower
Stat 1 8% Physical Damage
Item ID
A pocket-sized shadow with a beastly bearing.
— Item Description

Bitty Shadow Bro is a rare ally that can be obtained at the Shadow Market. This ally can only be obtained using Hearts of Darkness which are rare drops from Shadow Caches.

The Shadowy Market's allies read "Chance when a nearby enemy dies to gain a large damage and movement speed boost." The exact numbers of this description are:

When an enemy dies there is a 1/16 chance to receive the following boosts for 10 seconds:

  • +50% Magical damage
  • +50% Physical damage
  • +15 Movement speed


Crafting Station
Shadowy Market small Shadowy Market
Ingredient(s) Amount
Heart of Darkness small

Heart of Darkness 5
Bitty Shadow Bro small Bitty Shadow Bro 1
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