Blastcap Builder

Blastcap Builder

Category Styles
Type Costume
Group Boomeranger
Designer Evilagician
Item ID
Craftable costume for the Boomeranger.

Builds things or blows them up as the situation requires.
— Item Description

The Blastcap Builder is a costume which can be used on the Boomeranger class. It can be crafted at the Chaos Core Crafter.


Crafting Station
Chaos Core Crafter small Chaos Core Crafter
Ingredient(s) Amount
Chaos Core small

Chaos Core 10
Flux small

Flux 50000
Infinium Ore small

Infinium Ore 650
Primordial Flame small

Primordial Flame 500
Crystallized Cloud small

Crystallized Cloud 800
Blastcap Builder small Blastcap Builder 1


This costume was originally a mod by the user Evilagician. The original forum thread can be found here.

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