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Repl999 Repl999 19 November 2020

Plz help with the wiki

I know about the lack of, well, anyone updating this wiki. Whether it be admins, kings, civilians, or the developers of trove, I really do need help updating this wiki to the new delve update, I can’t be on all the time and it is really hard to try and remember how I got something, what it is called, and other stuff, I don’t know if anyone is out there, but if someone is reading this, please help.

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Bocurs Bocurs 16 November 2020

How to be good 101 (for brand new players)

You just got the game, yeah? first off, after the tutorial/Intro Follow all your main quests that Qubesly will assign you, he will teach you the basics and will get you up to 4.5k (4500) power rank, after you are completely done that i recommend farming for flux ( ex: mining shapestone or formicite (two very common ores )and selling them )

Selling Stuff 101

at Mastery Level 10 you unlock the marketplace! Open the marketplace tab and go to the "sell' sub-tab and then click the large circle, then pick the item you want to sell, after such, if you hover over the item you have now put in the selling circle, it will say the lowest current price it is being sold for (that's what everyone buys for) so you will set it to that price. After a very sho…

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Da Clorax Da Clorax 19 October 2020

sets or something

will literally never come back here but here are some things made by the same person that appear to go together i guess

Balefire Crown

Glare of Balefire

Mitre of Madness

Portentous Pylon (Staff)

Maw of Malice

Horns of Shadowmaw

Beacon of Betrayal

Shadowmaw Tendril (Staff)

Drakeblood Direaxe (Melee)

Drakeblood Douser (Staff)

Blood Knight (Knight Costume)

Blood Lord's Visor

Bloodreaper (Melee)

Bloodbath Visor

Bloodlord's Burden

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Patrickx98 Patrickx98 23 July 2020

Trove Fishing Guide - Catch Even the Most Elusive Fish!

  • 1 Trove Fishing Guide
  • 2 Mechanics of Trove Fishing
  • 3 Why Should I Fish in Trove?
  • 4 How to Get Started with Trove Fishing
  • 5 Best Trove Fishing Strategies
  • 6 Farming Glim and Flux with Fishing
  • 7 Collecting Rare Fish
    • 7.1 Water
    • 7.2 Lava
    • 7.3 Chocolate
    • 7.4 Plasma
    • 7.5 Enchanted Fish
  • 8 Selling Rare Fish
  • 9 Trove Fishing
  • 10 FAQ
    • 10.1 What do I need to start fishing in Trove?
    • 10.2 How do you deconstruct a fish in Trove?
    • 10.3 How do you get Ancient Scales in Trove?
    • 10.4 How do you get Enchanted fish in Trove?

Fishing is a beloved aspect of many RPGs, mainly MMOs. Depending on the game, it can be used to obtain valuable materials, or as a fun and relaxing activity that gives the players a breather as they play the game between the action-packed dungeons, raids and other types of challenging …

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KZ41X KZ41X 7 June 2020




Trove is an amazing MMORPG where you can fight monsters with sword, bow, pistol or even magic. You can also enter a more explosive PVP where the only weapons is bombs! [1]Fighting the Darknik Dreadnought Mk II boss in the shadow tower. [2]Throw bombs in the explosively exciting Bomber royale mode!

Trove`s purpose is to defeat dungeon bosses in a couple of different dungeons. In the start you will have to choose a starter class(such as Knight or Gunslinger). Then you I`ll need to complete an tutorial). When the tutorial is completed you will come to the hub where you can do a couple of things such as join a club, just hang aroud and more.

If you want to level up fast and easy you shall do quests in different adventure worlds. There…

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HomerMav HomerMav 21 May 2020

I get a reward for this.

nothing at all

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David Andante David Andante 28 October 2019

The Secret of Speed

Have you ever wondered how fast can we go in trove? which one is faster, ride a mount or go on foot?

here is a Link to the Speadsheet that I've Made for you guys to check which class is the fastest and how:

[Secret of Speed]

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David Andante David Andante 28 October 2019

Gems Machine

I have always wondered, What is the secret behind the gem boosters? How do they work? if I have levelled my gems to level 15, what may be my Power Rank at Level 25 be? How many focuses do I need to Max out my Gem? how much material is needed? Or if I open 70 gem boxes and try to level them all to 15 then loot collect them, how much dust will I end up getting out of it? Is it even worth the flux? How much flux will it produce?

In case that gem doesn't break anymore, with the amount that we could spend on gem upgrading, will buy us a lot of time from grinding thousands of gem boxes (or maybe we should); may I introduce you "The Gems Machine".

The spreadsheet contains 4 tabs including   - Boosts Playground - Power Rank - Focus - Loot Collector


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David Andante David Andante 17 October 2019

Trove Coefficient Calculator

What you are about to mess around with is The Endgame "Trove Coefficient Calculator", give it ur stats.... it will give you what u may end up with your correct Gem Boost setup when you max your Trove Mastery rank, Choose Class and LVL, Get all Dragons(or which ones you own or not), Gems, c2/c3 crystal gear, lvl4/lvl5 Ring, food, ST mode, what happens to your damage while you subclass, flask and emblems are active.

Feel free to make a copy of this for yourself, but please mention the credit if you are willing to share (making this took 2weeks 5hours per day to make it and its all free for you guys to use), thank you.

Do not forget: if you need the Closest result you have to check all of the items (cells) below:

- Trove Mastery Rank

- Type of C…

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Kittenhunterslime Kittenhunterslime 27 June 2019

trove or geode

trove or geode wich one gives you the most flux? were all trovians too right...

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ShroomShot ShroomShot 28 July 2018

Trove friends

Just wanted to say this , If you want to add me feel free to do so. I will accept anyone, and everyone. My ingame name is Kizter. I would be happy to talk to all the nice people from the wiki!

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GamerofWonders GamerofWonders 12 April 2018

Another Thing Not Special

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GamerofWonders GamerofWonders 12 April 2018

Nothing Special

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Determined123 Determined123 4 April 2018

Something I found out in the Xbox marketplace

When trying to buy blank scrolls, don’t buy them directly but instead buy a cheap recipe. I found out buying cheap blank scrolls is more expensive than buying cheap recipes.

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TheStimerGames TheStimerGames 29 March 2018

WTF Moments

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KaiTheZealot KaiTheZealot 24 January 2018





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Agamer73114 Agamer73114 12 December 2017


I’m a nerdy person who normally plays rpgs

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Hobluca Hobluca 2 December 2017

Knight mains, unite!

If anybody who reads this is a knight main, please say so! (include your IGN [ingame name] as well if you'd like, who knows maybe we can be friends)

I'm a 8000 PR Knight Main (as of 12/2/2017) and I have been through hard times with Knight. I'm sure many of you have also been through problems with him.

I've mained knight since the beginning, and my love for him just doesn't dissipate. His much-needed buff has made all of us Knight Mains happy, and I am very sure of it. This buff has also made me especially happy, since i have been with him since trove went free for the first time.

Of course, i discovered this game by a youtuber. His name is paulsoaresjr.

If you DID discover this game by a youtuber, tell me what his name is.

The purpose of this …

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Blazeman9 Blazeman9 22 November 2017

Kill Me

Plz, kill me.

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That.gentleman That.gentleman 31 October 2017


I'm wandering if anyone would be interested and or would like me to make edit the dragon souls pages to contain a more detailed table on the resources for the amount of dragon souls for example the starlight dragon soul require diamonds to be created and i was wandering if you would like me to enter the amount of materials you will need to craft say 75 of the dragon souls and its appropriate amount of diamonds.

  • 1 75. Starlight Aura
    • 1.1 300 dragon coins
    • 1.2 75 golden souls
    • 1.3 750 diamonds
    • 1.4          5,250 flux                   
    • 1.5          150 primorial flame    
    • 1.6          3750 sharpstone ore  

thank you please let me know what you think about it and if i can get at least 5 people to say this will help them i will get it done asap!

- sincerly: that…

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SirPuggieDug SirPuggieDug 26 October 2017


Is It True That When A New Trove Character Comes Out, They Give It Too You For Free?.

When The Lunar Lancer Was Released, I Managed To Get It For Free... (He’s My Current Class) Plus Is There Anyone Willing To Trade A Costume With Me

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Uncetic Uncetic 23 October 2017

Picture of a Shot

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Thehappyoryx Thehappyoryx 17 October 2017

Ice sage mains


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TheStimerGames TheStimerGames 1 October 2017

Trove in Spore!

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, this blog is dedicated to the game Spore, Yes, the same game since 2008. In this blog are creations in the likeness Trove of creatures made in Spore. Well... start! WARNING! if you want to use that creatures, you must have got mods: DI v8 and Color pack mode. WARNING!x2 grey legs - invisible legs

This blog will be updated approximately every week, so... don't be sad (Nope).

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Holo-929 Holo-929 28 August 2017

Some tips for the game

1. Farming radiant shards seem to be the most efficient way of getting flux. Try to farm on Friday day

2.selling a adventure box will sell for up to 3k

3.gunslinger might have a weakness of ranged but can overcome that weakness if you have move around on the grounder dodge in midair

4.ginslinger: press RB (1 for pc) will boost you in the air and if you stand still and shoot straight down it is the ultimate strategy for gunslinger

5. loot collecting shadow/moon/eclipse keys are all effective ways of fast glim

6. Some fae wild or medieval highland dungeons (lairs) have lots of flowers to farm glim and bombs (especially fae wilds)

7. A "world boss" is what people call a mini-boss or big enemies

8.if you have chaos fast or do not use patron unless y…

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Devour souls Devour souls 22 June 2017

Starlight dragon fan-art

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IceDraegon IceDraegon 27 May 2017

A Rad 2 Hours of Trove

Hiya! I'm back with some CRAZY happenings from last night. Ok, I met up with my friend mrmuhtrex (who currently doesn't have wikia account) and messed around a bit until I decided that we should fight the Shadow Tower, which was something he had never done before. We fought the first two floors, Spike Walker and Weeping Prophet and we only had two deaths between us. From this, my friend levelled up to Mastery Rank, 20 giving me a little pet Elder Dragonling! It turned out to be better than any of my Allies so it was immediately equipped. Whilst my friend was doing some building in our club world, I was exploring the Drowned World (I am currently working on the Drowned World page) when I found the legendary Thallasion who managed to kill me…

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DestroyerMa DestroyerMa 27 May 2017

Hello my friends

Heyo, what's up my dudes, how's it going?

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IceDraegon IceDraegon 25 May 2017

First Post!

Hiya there! This is my first Trove blog post. I am actually not sure if I am even allowed to do this, but hey why not. In this blog I will be posting interesting happenings in Trove from the previous night!

Current player stats: Power Rank:566 Mastery Level:34

Peace, IceDraegon (talk) 21:26, May 25, 2017 (UTC)Ice_Draegon

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CTOON CTOON 7 May 2017

Why is everyone putting the classes cost 1050 credits, when it's either 750 or 250?

It's very dumb

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Holo-929 Holo-929 10 March 2017


The best game is the world. Nothing beats mine craft plus ark

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Plebking09 Plebking09 22 January 2017

Trove with plebking09

My name is plebking09 and this is my vlog​ and this vlog is for tips and trick's on trove

also for all the trove players on PS4 add me plebking09 :)

  1. if you are a brand new player just starting off the first thing you should do is start mining for shapesone because of how much you will need for all your crafting.
  2. after you reach uber-1 you should start to mine with bombs it is alot more efficient then just using the mining lazer but you should use it after you use your bomb to collect the remains.
  3. And remember to get on every week to beat your shadow dungions if you are unable to do them alone go into a popular club world and look if their shadow's are open so you could do them as a team.

look for weekly updates

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Fowl Legacy Fowl Legacy 28 December 2016

Club worlds should have a time limit

I feel like club worlds should have an expiration date or the club deletes itself after 5 months of inactivity (no blocks placed/removed). There are a lot of club worlds in Trove that have really cool names but some jerks decided it would be nice to make a club with that name and not put anything in it. I wish the devs would add this feature into the game instead of adding more dragon, of which we have a lot of already.

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JasonSylvester JasonSylvester 17 December 2016

My at work


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IJN Fubuki IJN Fubuki 6 December 2016

Trove problems "Help me": Club worlds

Been Playing Trove for awhile then i decided to go visit my favorite old clubworlds then suddenly some say " Museum worlds are currently inaccessible " and some does not join ;-;

Here are some of the clubs that i listed

Aviarei's Neon Palace: /joinworld 5812

/joinworld 700

Music Mag Rail World: /joinworld 6787

And a lot more help???????

Pls reply :[ ;-; T_T

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Rickyzhuo Rickyzhuo 14 November 2016

How to make make flux

I know that lots of players have trouble making large quantities of flux so here's some ways i get mine.

1. ST. Doing shadow tower and opening titan's treasure can be a big boost to your flux. The minimum i recieved is 4000 flux and thats barely never!

2. Bomb mining. AS i like to say, u gotta spend shapestone to make shapestone ( Sorry Clash Royale hope u didn't put copyright on that). Making bombs to mine is a quick and efficient way of making flux. I like to sell my shapestone at around 1.5 flux each and infinium at 1 flux below the existing cheapest price. I don't sell formicite though as noone buys it :(.

Well thats how I do it and TBH its not much but I can deal with it.

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IJN Fubuki IJN Fubuki 30 October 2016

How to lag and how to get RID of lag

How to lag

Step 1 open Trove

Step 2 open alot of videos

Step 3 You now have lag >:]

How to NOT lag

1 do /quit lag

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SkyRider3217 SkyRider3217 12 October 2016

More Community Content

Lately I've been busy making some mods since I've gotten into my creative mood once again after taking a long break from creating content after getting my Pirate Dragon (a.k.a. Flackbeard, the Relentless) in-game. Thought I might share what has been going on the past months or so.

I've gotten into making several more creations in the TroveCreations Reddit for the fun of designing more things for the game. I've gotten several of my works already accepted by mods and awaiting to be implemented into the game (Mainly my wide variety of Dragon Plushies).

I've also been helping out the developers in testing their latest Mod Loader (Guides on that will be in later for everything Mod related). As a veteran mod maker myself, I need to "keep up with t…

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ZeloAvarosa ZeloAvarosa 4 October 2016

Zelmawiz's Trove Expansion Idea page

  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 Rebalancing ideas
  • 3 A New Pearl System
  • 4 New Emblem Ideas
  • 5 A Talent System
  • 6 Talent or Empowered Gem Ideas
  • 7 New Consumables
  • 8 New Class Gem reworks
  • 9 Quests
  • 10 Pre-Generated Towns
  • 11 New ST Bosses
  • 12 Training your Dragon
  • 13 Real P2Skip stuff

Hi, my name is Magus Zelo in Trove and this page is written to allow me to throw ideas onto paper and show them off to the world, as well as indirectly say that Trion sucks at ideas. if you are here either I linked you here or you actually went to my Profile Page.

In my opinion, Trove has a lot of potential in becoming a great game, it has all the elements in place to allow a creative and fun game with elements of MMORPG's like WoW

Knight is still too lackluster

Instead of having a ridiculously low chance to dro…

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IJN Fubuki IJN Fubuki 1 September 2016

Its done all mobs are done (sorta)

'Well i did it.......All the mobs are done so yea.....(exept for the dinos witch ill do soon and the unknown ones....idk about them

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Fennny Fennny 24 July 2016



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Kajmil Kajmil 17 July 2016

Kajmils CZ Club

I have my own club in Trove. This club have around 10 members but its comletely build by me. My club have portals from Novice to U7 and few water portals. If you want to join you must be Czech.

So, little test: Try to read this: Třista třicet tři stříbrných stříkaček. ;)


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Klumetrix Klumetrix 3 July 2016

PTS going down?

I heard that the Public Test Server  server will be closed totally or opened only during a few hours per week or something. Because the PTS was supposed to be a test server to only take a look at future updates but some people use it like the live server to protest the's pay to win sistem. So yeah, if you know more about this or you think that this is not true, just post a comment. Bye, and have legendary day everybody!

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Itsleo20 Itsleo20 10 June 2016

Some class ideas

  • 1 Bruiser
    • 1.1 Basic attack
    • 1.2 Right click ability: Spiral Uppercut
    • 1.3 Empowered gem replacement: Hook
    • 1.4 Ability 1: Lunge Lash
    • 1.5 Ultimate: Whirlwind Wipeout
    • 1.6 Passive: Punch Combo
  • 2 Viking/Berserker

Deals 1.15x physical damage. Attack rate of 0.7 seconds.

Deals 6x physical damage. Target is stunned, enemies in 3x3 radius around target take 4x physical damage.

User travels forward 5 blocks. When it reaches the fifth block, the Bruiser spins, dealing 4x physical damage to enemies in a 3x3 radius.

Movement speed decreases 25%, but user takes 25% less incoming damage and spins, dealing 3x physical every 0.5 seconds. Lasts for 7 seconds, cooldown is 15 seconds.

Every consecutive hit deals double the damage of the previous hit. Resets after third hit.

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XtremeThunderFrost XtremeThunderFrost 10 June 2016

Moonwing Dragon

So I just started playing Trove for a few weeks only, decided I wanted one of those cool things that good players keep flying around on. So eventually I decided to try and get the Moonwing Dragon cause' perhaps it was cheaper and looked ok! I really looking foward to get this dragon!

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Aethien Aethien 4 June 2016

I've Returned

(June 4th, 2016 @3:28PM)

So, I've returned after months of hiatus from Trove and the Wiki. I left after the first semester of my senior year of high school, as there was a lot of cramming and clogging of my schedule in the second half over exams, graduation, and college preparation that was necessary for me to continue with my education.

IN ANY CASE, I've graduated, summer has begun and I've returned. I'll be working once again as an editor for the wiki and try to get back into the loop with all the going on's of Trove. I hope my leave wasn't an inconvience, but I'm here now so lets get to editing. :]


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Romulex Romulex 10 May 2016


Hello everyone, i was wondering what dragon i should ascend. I currently have 3 bone dragon souls because i though it looked cool, but i want to know what is the best, and what makes it the best. Im mostly a dungeon explorer because im a Lunar Lancer, but sometimes switch up with the Shadow Hunter.

Thanks if you are able to help out!

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Itsleo20 Itsleo20 8 May 2016

PvP Class Opinions

No specific order.

  • 1 Shadow Hunter
  • 2 Pirate Captain
  • 3 Candy Barbarian
  • 4 Neon Ninja
  • 5 Ice Sage
  • 6 Knight

Maybe I'm biased because I happen to main this class, but I find it to be absolutely stellar at defense. As long as you can aim and keep your distance, your charged shots will be depleting enemies' health in no time. Unfortunately, despite its damage being phenomenal, Shadow Hunter lacks the firing rate to play aggressively without Arrow of the Goddess or enough stamina for Sun Snares. Arrow of the Goddess allows the Hunter to one-shot any class, provided that the Hunter has fully charged. Even though the charge takes about a second to complete, classes like Pirate Captain and Boomeranger can swiftly eliminate or stun you before the shot can be fired.…

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Adwooster0517 Adwooster0517 29 April 2016



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ElGuismo O o ElGuismo O o 17 March 2016

Look it's me

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