Bomb-nanza Balance Sheet: Season One

Bomb-nanza Balance Sheet Season One

Category Tome
Type Legendary
Mastery 100 Trove Mastery logo
Item ID
Accumulates experience as you complete Dungeons, Battle Arena matches, and Bomber Royale matches. When fully charged it produces 5 Bomber Royale Coins: Season One. This effect can only trigger once a week.
— Item Tooltip

The Bomb-nanza Balance Sheet: Season One is a Legendary Tome that can be purchased from the Bomber Royale Merchant using Season One Bomber Royale Coins. They produce 5 Season One Bomber Royale Coins when they are fully charged. Unlike Common Tomes (that can be used as often as you like without cooldowns), these tomes can only be used once a week, although, they provide more rewards than Common Tomes per individual use.

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