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Bomber Royale Coin: Season Two

Bomber Royale Coin Season Two

Category Currency
Type Bomber Royale
Tradeable NoTrade emote
Item ID
Obtained by successfully ranking in games of Bomber Royale Season Two.
— Item Tooltip

Bomber Royale Coins: Season Two will be type of currency used to buy Bomber Royale themed items from the Bomber Royale Merchant. They can be obtained from participating in Bomber Royale during its second season which will start sometime after the release of the Geode Surface Update (currently in PTS testing). The last 10 players alive receive 1 Bomber Royale Coin, the last 4 players alive receive 2 total Bomber Royale Coins, and the final player alive receives 3 total Bomber Royale Coins. Scoring First Block (first kill) grants 1 Bomber Royale Coin in addition to the other rewards.

Players can convert these coins to Season One coins at a rate of 2:1 to purchase season one rewards.

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