Boss Modifications are effects given to bosses found in lairs or dungeons. Bosses may have one modification at a time.


Image Name Effect Tips
Glowing red affix

Tank or Bulky

Increased health and lowered speed.
Glowing green affix Hard Hitter Increased knockback.

• The Dracolyte's Avatar of Flame transformation grants them 200 Stability, reducing the effect of this Boss Modification.
• Coupled with a high platform as a boss arena, this can be very annoying, deadly, or both.
Punchbot-class enemies (Pound Cakes, Fridgebots, etc.) already have high knockback, making them particularly dangerous with Hard Hitter.

Glowing blue affix Speedy Increased movement speed.

The Ice Sage's passive slowing effect from Coldhearted nullifies this, reducing the boss to normal speed.

Ignite affix Ignite! Places a burning damage over time effect on attackers.

• Damage is dealt as a percentage of health.
• The Fae Trickster's Ego Blast passive is not disabled by this source of damage.

Teleport affix Teleport Periodically teleports directly in front of the attacker.

An alternate but visually identical version exists that teleports a player in front of the boss instead.

• Being airborne, such as with wings or the Gunslinger's Blast Jump passive, will cause the boss to fall down below the player.
• If standing on a platform, make sure you stand right on the edge, with your front facing off the platform. The boss will teleport in front of the player, but will fall down below.
• When playing as a group, try to stay close together to prevent DPS loss or confusion from long-distance teleports.
• The alternate, reversed version of this effect is particularly dangerous to fragile ranged characters. Be ready to dodge or escape!

Toxic affix Toxic Occasionally creates a damaging AoE upon attack (aesthetically similar to the Dark Mushroom Men's attack.)

When fighting one, keep moving around the target to bypass the field of toxic fumes.

Bees affix Bees! Occasionally spawns additional bee monsters.

• The spawned bees have low health and are easy to destroy with area of effect abilities
• Bees can body block single target attacks for the boss. This can hamper the Fae Trickster's auto attacks and ultimate, the Gunslinger's auto attacks and ultimate, the Dracolyte's Spit Fire, the Neon Ninja's shurikens and ultimate, and the Shadow Hunter's auto attacks.
• With accurate shuriken play this modification is actually beneficial for Neon Ninja as it allows you to consistently gain Shining Star Shurikens much faster than attacking the boss alone.
• Bees count as monsters for effects that require monsters to be hit or killed to activate, such as the Rapt Berserker's heal on kill or the Candy Barbarian's Vanilla Swirlwind.

Clone affix Mirror A slightly smaller clone of the boss spawns, with less health and damage.

• Clones have less health and damage than the original.
• A clone will generate a random boss modification for itself, including Cloning.
• As many Boss Modifications summon monsters or cause the battlefield to become hazardous, destroying the original boss is essential to prevent being overwhelmed.
• Clones will eventually despawn when out of combat for a long period of time.

Cloning affix Cloning
Gravity affix Gravity Well Enables a high gravity force within the area, making players unable to jump high.

• This effect also reduces the player's Jump to 1, making escaping by jumping nearly impossible.

Vortex affix Vortex A vortex occasionally appears below the boss, drawing players inward.

• A player may be able to escape the vortex by using a mount and running or jumping away.
• Players with high Knockback or that use abilities with a high base Knockback may push the boss around, dragging other players along with the vortex.

Nova affix Nova Releases green orbs in a spread that deal damage to players.

• The orbs move slowly and are easy to avoid, either by moving in between the spread or simply dodging.
• The orbs are only fired in front of the boss.

Meteor affix Meteor Summons a meteor nearby the boss every few seconds.

Meteors can damage and destroy terrain, especially glass blocks. Holes may make terrain difficult to navigate.

Spiders affix Spiders! Summons three small spider allies that cause a slow effect when attacking players.

• The slow effect from the spiders lasts about 3 seconds.
• Spiders count as monsters for effects that require enemies to be hit or killed to activate.

Mushroom Master affix Mushroom Master Spawns three mushrooms in the area. After 5 seconds, the mushrooms will turn into Mushroom Men.

• Mushrooms are much more fragile than the Mushroom Men they spawn and can be destroyed easily.
• The Mushroom Men are roughly equivalent to a normal monster of the same world difficulty, meaning they can quickly overwhelm a player if not destroyed.
• Mushroom Men spawned by this count as monsters for effects that require enemies to be hit or killed to activate. The mushrooms initially spawned do not count.

150px Thorns Damages players heavily if they attack it while the effect is active.

• Every few seconds Thorns will activate, and any player attacking during this time period will take damage.
• Thorns makes a distinctive static-like sound when it activates, and the aura grows in size significantly. When you hear the sound, stop attacking until the aura returns to normal.

Purple Beam affix Laser Occasionally shoots a long laser beam.

• Laser appears to replace the wind-up punch that some bosses use (such as Fungal Kings or Cactote Warlords), and the boss will play that animation before using Laser.
• Laser is very damaging and should be dodged through or avoided at all costs.
• The laser cannot be aimed upward and can be jumped over fairly easily. Staying airborne when the boss begins to prepare Laser will keep you out of harm's way.

Turret affix Turret Occasionally spawns a Turret NPC to attack the player.

• There are two types of turrets: a cannon-like turret that fires a fast-moving red projectile, and another dragon-faced turret that "breathes" purple flames.
• Turrets do not have health, but instead take a certain number of hits to destroy. This number varies by world difficulty.
• Turrets count as monsters for abilities that require monsters to be hit or killed to activate.

Healing affix Healing Totem Spawns a Totem that periodically pulses, healing enemies nearby.

• The totem can be destroyed before the first pulse occurs, thus preventing the totem from having any effect.
• Enemies can be lured away from the totem to cause them to miss being healed.
• The totem is not considered a monster for abilities that require hitting or killing monsters to activate.

Ice Comet affix Ice Comet Rains comets from the sky that freeze blocks they hit

• The Ice Sage's Coldhearted passive prevents slipping on ice, avoiding the effects of this boss modification entirely.
• Comets freeze water into ice as well.

Shadow Shrike affix Shadow Shrike Occasionally spawns 5 Shadow shrikes

• Shrikes have little health and are easily destroyed.
• Shrikes count as monsters for abilities that require monsters to be hit or killed to activate.

Shadow Chicken affix Shadow Chicken Occasionally spawns 5 Shadow Chickens

• Chickens have little health and are easily destroyed.
• Chickens count as monsters for abilities that require monsters to be hit or killed to activate.

Shadow Drone affix Shadow Knight Occasionally spawns a ranged shadow ally

• Identical to ranged Fae Sorceror-type enemies, other than the difference in appearance.
• There is no known limit on how many shadow minions can be spawned by a single boss.
• Minions deal high damage individually and can quickly kill a player in groups.
• Minions count as monsters for abilities that require monsters to be hit or killed to activate.

Sawblade affix Saw Blade Summon saw blades that take damage if touch. Saw Blade also have little health and easily destroyed, but harder than other minions
Spiked Wheel Occasionally spawns a spinning wheel that floats in place, damaging players nearby

• Wheels have no health, but instead take a specific number of hits to destroy, depending on the difficulty level.
• Wheels count as monsters for abilities that require monsters to be hit or killed to activate.

Spikes Spawns spikes in a rounded area near the bosses feet

Spikes are identical to those found in normal dungeons.

Tiny Bosses Spawns 2 - 5 tiny versions of the boss itself 

• The smaller copies have little health and are easily destroyed.
• Unlike clones, the smaller copies don't have boss modifications.
• Copies count as monsters for abilities that require monsters to be hit or killed to activate.

Self-Healing Boss will heal self every so often for about half their max HP Destroy the boss quickly with rapid or highly-damaging attacks to prevent it from healing itself.
Frozen Touch affix Frozen Touch Places a frost buff on attackers. Players affected by the buff will have their attack speed and movement speed cut in half.

Patch Notes

  • Patch - 7/13/15: Two new boss modifications; spikes and spinning top.
  • Patch - 05/19/15: Extra Boss modifications including Cloning, Gravity Well, Vortex, Nova, Meteor, Spiders!, Mushroom Master, Thorns, and Lasers.
  • Patch - 5/27/15: Turret modification added.
  • Patch - 5/28/15 (Hotfix): Nerfed Turret modification since players were either one-hit KOed or killed in two hits.
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