Bovine Buildmaster

Bovine Buildmaster

Category Mount
Type War Horse
Group Store
Designer Trove Team
Mastery 100 Trove Mastery logo
Movement Speed 90
Item ID
Take charge of building projects atop this moo-ster architect. Places a trail of the block type in your active building hotbar slot as it travels while in build mode. Only works in Club Worlds where you have building permissions.
— Item Tooltip

Bovine Buildmaster is a War Horse mount that can be crafted at the Crystallogy Workbench in the Geode hub.

This mount is one of two mounts that are crafted using Drillbits; the other is Rocket Drill.

Crafted with

Crafted using

Crafting Station
Crystallogy Workbench small Crystallogy Workbench
(Skill Level 250)
Ingredient(s) Amount
Crystal small

Crystal 16812
Builderite small

Builderite 3580
Drillbit small

Drillbit 100
Mightstone small

Mightstone 540
Queen Trumpets small

Queen Trumpets 140
Bovine Buildmaster small Bovine Buildmaster 1
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