Trove Wiki

this is a simple guide explaining how to make bows for Trove. This guide assumes you already know the basics of creation and is mostly to provide technical information. If you don't know the basics, please see guides like melee weapon creation.

Basic Dimensions

Bows must fit within these dimensions. As with everything, this can be fudged a bit when needed but overall, should stay within these guides.

1 to 3  voxels wide

6 up from connection point (including connection point)

3 down from connection point (optional)

Total of 9 voxels high

21 deep


The base design of the bow can be altered but should stick roughly to the blank model dimensions to ensure squash and stretch animations look correct and scale stays consistent.

A blank bow that is 1 voxel thick can be downloaded and used as a guide here



As stated above, the design can be adjusted slightly from the base shape. Here are some examples of how it can be adjusted. There is a lot of wiggle room but we still want to make sure that the overall size and shape work.


Other details

  • The bow will be held in the characters left hand. So if you want to design a bow with something on the outside, make sure it is on the left so it doesn't clip into the character.
  • As with all weapon creations, the handle should be 1 voxel thick to ensure it looks correct in the player's hand.
  • The bow must be constructed facing down with the tines pointing upward as in the examples above and should be pointing down the Z axis (in qubicle terms) similar to sword creations.
  • Do not add a string to your bow.

Technical Note

Bows will be split in half at the pink connection point by code once in game for animation purposes (this does not change how you build your model - still build it in one piece as shown above) but you will want to keep that information in mind when constructing your bow.


for example, if you put a small shield on the front of your bow, it will be split in half once in game and may not look as desired when animated. It's hard to say what will work best and what wont right now so feel free to have fun with it but keep this concept in mind.