Builderite (Block).png

Category Resource
Type Ore
Tradeable This item can be traded.
Item ID
One of the Builder's favorite ores, found deep throughout Tiers 3-5 of the Geode caves.
— Item Tooltip

Builderite is a uncommon ore that can be found in any of the Geode Caves in Tiers 3-5 and can be found in larger quantities in Ore Geode Lairs. They also commonly drop from Greater Crystal Caches and Builder's Chests, and uncommonly from Builder's Boxes.

This item can be used to craft Mid-Tier items such as the Advanced Building Notes, VFX Blocks, the Builderite Booklet Tome, and Mounts in the Crystallogy Workbench or craft Decorations and Frameworks in the Geodian Workbench. They can also be used to upgrade Modules (mainly for levels 5-7 with the exception of the Omni-Tool which needs it for levels 5-8) in the Module Forge.

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