Bull Dozer
Category Mount
Type War Horse
Group Store
Tradeable NoTradeType emote
Designer Screamheart
Mastery 50 Trove Mastery logo
Movement Speed 90
Item ID
This mechanical bull will smash up club worlds. Use with care.
— Item Tooltip

The Bull Dozer (Also known as Steam-Powered Bronze Bovine) is store mount that can be obtained by purchasing the Creator's Pack. Once purchased in the store, it has the ability to immediately destroy any blocks that are in front, behind, on the sides or above him (within a 3 block length and 2 block height). This ability works only in Club Worlds.

This mount's ability will not contribute to unlocking the Blocks Destroyed Badges or the Blocks Destroyed Leaderboards Contest.


  • This mount, along with a collection of other Bull Mounts are all created by Screamheart. These mounts can be seen in the original thread here .
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