Candied Fishing Cane

Candied Fishing Cane

Candied Fishing Cane bobber

Category Fishing Pole
Type Chocolate
Item ID
A sweet angling rod for fishing in chocolate.
— Item Tooltip

Candied Fishing Cane is a fishing pole that can be obtained by crafting at the Nautical Assembler. It grants the ability to fish in chocolate.

-Note that after obtaining it, the player is able to fish in chocolate regardless of the fishing pole being equipped or not.

Crafting Station
Nautical Assembler small Nautical Assembler
Ingredient(s) Amount
Ancient Scale small

Ancient Scale 5
Wild Cupcake small

Wild Cupcake 100
Shapestone Ore small

Shapestone Ore 150
Candied Fishing Cane small Candied Fishing Cane 1

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