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Currency is a measurement of wealth in Trove.  The two official currencies of the game are Cubits and Credits, with Credits being the premium, real money option and Cubits being the free one. Credits can be earned in small amounts from achieving ranks in Mastery, and Cubits are awarded for completing the Star Bar, and sometimes from Mastery as well. 

Players also tend to use Flux and Infinium as currency, since neither Cubits nor Credits can be freely traded.  Trades for Flux and Infinium should always be done with a Trading Post to prevent being scammed. The conversion rate for Flux and Infinium trades fluctuate frequently, so ask for current going rates from a few reliable sources before completing a deal.

The final form of currency is Glim.  Players get Glim from defeating enemies, opening chests, & destroying grass.  They can then use the Glim to craft items, benches, or trade pirates for allies & recipes.  Lead Developer Avarem has stated that Fishing, when added, will be the best way to farm for Glim.

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