Every character in the game has their own type of model. A model has its own skeleton and animations that make it different compared to others.


Bat Bee Bipedal Boot Bunny Butterfly Cat
Caterpillar Cragglepod Cube Dancepad Dog Dragonfly Dream Bro
Duodrak Egg Faerie Floateye Flying Toaster Frog Froleek
Gleemur Goat Goldfish Griffon Guinea Pig Hermit Crab Hoppet
Howlug Jelotl Joystick Kangaroo Kiwi Llama Mimic
Monkey Mug Octopus Panda Paper Crane Parrot Poop
Punchbot Quarble Qubesly Qubrik Raptor Rooster Seahorse
Snake Spacebug Spidermonkey Stack Tato Tentacle Turtle
Unicorn Wheel Zardille Zepperay
Archeoceratops Ball Board Bulldozer Butterfly Carpet Cat
Caterpillar Centaur Centaur Contest Cloud Cycle Dog Dragon
Dragonbug Long Dragon Dragon Serpent Dragon Wyvern Two-Headed Dragon Fox Spirit Griffon
Horse Iguana Kangaroo Laser Tiger Llama Log Mammoth
Mecha-Quadruped Pinata Platypus PWN-E Raptor Recliner Rhinoceros
Rocket Spider Sugar Glider Tortoise Triceratops UFO War Horse

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