Professions are skills players in Trove can use to craft different things.  The three professions available so far are Gardening, Ringcrafting and  Runecrafting.

Gaining Ranks

Professions each have five (5) tiers of expertise, all players begin at tier 1.  Players will need to gain 50 points to advance to the next tier, where new recipes will be unlocked.  Crafting one item in a tier will grant a player 1 point towards their next rank, but after reaching the next rank they'll no longer grant points from previous ranks towards advancement. 250 points is the maximum a player can achieve in one profession. Players get 75 Mastery points for every tier in each profession they achieve.


The Gardening profession uses mushroom chunks and sunlight bulbs to create items like steed feed, chestnuts and the Springy Sporeling mount.


The Ringcrafting profession uses flux, diamonds/shadow diamonds, and shapestone to create Rings at the Ringcrafting Bench, items that players can equip to increase their stats.


The Runecrafting profession uses radiant shards and crystallized clouds from the Sky Realm to create recipes for new block types and Tomes in the Runecrafting Bench.  At the max level of Runecrafting is the craftable carpet mount, Floating Formula.

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