Chaos Chest

Chaos Chest

Category Lootbox
Tradeable NoTradeType emote
Golden Key NoGoldenKey emote
Store Price Credits small 50 (each)
Item ID
Open for crafting materials, chaos cores, and rare collectibles.
The Featured rare collectibles change weekly.
— Item Tooltip

Chaos Chests are lootboxes that contain many items such as resources and collectibles. These chests can be obtained from lair and dungeon chests uncommonly, and can also be purchased through the Store for 50 Credits each (Bought either by itself, in a bundle of 11 with a bonus Chest, or in a bundle of 110 with a bonus 10 Chests and a Golden Chaos Chest). Chaos Chests can also be freely obtained through Chaos Factor daily. Players can get 1,500 Chaos Chests by loot collecting the Mega Chaos Chest.

The chests can be opened like any Lootbox, and they grant the player a random item. Contents range from crafting materials to consumables with a rare chance of various Mounts, Wings, Allies, Boats, and more. Several times these chaos chests will contain rare loot that is only found in certain Chaos Chest Rotations.

Each week the selection of items changes - if you get something one week, you may not get the same thing next week.

You will not be able to buy Chaos Chests or Golden Chaos Chests in the Public Test Server, seeing as this is a form of cheating and could be used to find out the current week's loot and also can be used for immense amounts of Mastery and/or Flux gain.

NOTE: Farming chaos chests through Lair/Dungeon Chests are coded differently than most item drops as a way of balancing the rate of obtaining chests between casual and intensive farming. Here is what happens:

  • When a chaos chest has been obtained via chest, the likelihood of the next chest decreases. Farming within the hour refresh time will have a decreased rate for every chest you obtain within that time frame.
  • Obtaining an additional chaos chest will take longer until an hour has passed which will then normalize the chances of obtaining another chest.


The contents of Chaos Chest changes often. If you would like to see the current top tier reward, you can find it on the Welcome Page.

Chaos Chest small Chaos Chest
Item Amount Rarity
Flux small Flux 150-550
in 17.4 increments
Bleached Bone small Bleached Bone 7, 9, 11, 13
Radiant Shard small Radiant Shard 35, 45, 55, 65
Golden Seashell small Golden Seashell 11, 14, 17, 20
Meteorite Fragment small Meteorite Fragment 1, 2, 3
Wild Cupcake small Wild Cupcake 7, 9, 11, 13
Sunlight Bulb small Sunlight Bulb 35, 45, 55, 65
Blank Scroll small Blank Scroll 1, 2, 3, 4
Sticky Ichor small Sticky Ichor 11, 14, 17, 20
Enchanted Wood small Enchanted Wood 14, 18, 22, 26
Robotic Salvage small Robotic Salvage 7, 9, 11, 13
Plasmium small Plasmium 110
Mushroom Chunk small Mushroom Chunk 18, 23, 28, 33
Faerie Dust small Faerie Dust 7, 9, 11, 13
Bottle small Bottle 7, 9, 11, 13
Shapestone Ore small Shapestone Ore 70, 90, 110, 130
Formicite Ore small Formicite Ore 35, 45, 55, 65
Infinium Ore small Infinium Ore 11, 14, 17, 20
Cinnabar small Cinnabar 11, 13
Golden Soul small Golden Soul 1, 2
Somber Soul small Somber Soul 1
Diamond small Diamond 4, 5, 6, 7
Jade Clover small Jade Clover 5
Flux small Flux 1500-5502
in 174 increments
Bleached Bone small Bleached Bone 50
Radiant Shard small Radiant Shard 250
Golden Seashell small Golden Seashell 75
Meteorite Fragment small Meteorite Fragment 10
Wild Cupcake small Wild Cupcake 50
Sunlight Bulb small Sunlight Bulb 250
Blank Scroll small Blank Scroll 15
Sticky Ichor small Sticky Ichor 75
Enchanted Wood small Enchanted Wood 100
Robotic Salvage small Robotic Salvage 50
Mushroom Chunk small Mushroom Chunk 125
Faerie Dust small Faerie Dust 50
Bottle small Bottle 50
Shapestone Ore small Shapestone Ore 500
Formicite Ore small Formicite Ore 250
Infinium Ore small Infinium Ore 75
Golden Soul small Golden Soul 5
Somber Soul small Somber Soul 5
Diamond small Diamond 30
Pearl of Wisdom small Pearl of Wisdom 1
Super Style Stash small Super Style Stash 5
Chaos Core small Chaos Core 1
Jade Clover small Jade Clover 10-30
Chaos Chest small Chaos Chest 5
Chaos Chest small Chaos Chest 50 Rare
Chaos Mega-Core small Chaos Mega-Core 1
Fae Boughskimmer small Fae Boughskimmer 1
Runemaster's Record small Runemaster's Record 1
Cygnus-01 Speedcycle small Cygnus-01 Speedcycle 1
Bonecutter X-2 small Bonecutter X-2 1
Tundra Thunderer small Tundra Thunderer 1
Torched Taurus small Torched Taurus 1
Squeakers small Squeakers 1
Shadowy Sarcophagus small Shadowy Sarcophagus 1
Kami of Forlorn Forests small Kami of Forlorn Forests 1
Neon Swathcutter small Neon Swathcutter 1
Shadow Crawler small Shadow Crawler 1
Sir Ocesomesaucealot small Sir Ocesomesaucealot 1
Trevor the Tiger small Trevor the Tiger 1
Ol' Chomper small Ol' Chomper 1
Saltwater Taffy Ray small Saltwater Taffy Ray 1
Dragon Tiger small Dragon Tiger 1
Polar Dragon Tiger small Polar Dragon Tiger 1
Blacklight Neon Cycle small Blacklight Neon Cycle 1
Elder Boot small Elder Boot 1
Magic Carpetapillar small Magic Carpetapillar 1
Cinnamel small Cinnamel 1
Bounding Golden Beetle small Bounding Golden Beetle 1
Springy Dark Sporeling small Springy Dark Sporeling 1
Carom Cupcake small Carom Cupcake 1
Crazy Busy Caterpillar small Crazy Busy Caterpillar 1
Slightly Singed Skitterer small Slightly Singed Skitterer 1
Accursed Arachnid small Accursed Arachnid 1
Whacky Waffle small Whacky Waffle 1
Snowshore Seal Pup small Snowshore Seal Pup 1
Trance Sphere small Trance Sphere 1
Salt Sower small Salt Sower 1
Rock Riot Dock small Rock Riot Dock 1
Dumped Drum small Dumped Drum 1
Bitty Bayou Biter small Bitty Bayou Biter 1
Bon Bomba small Bon Bomba 1
Floral Fantasy small Floral Fantasy 1
Cerulean Squad Quad small Cerulean Squad Quad 1
Lounging Loafdog small Lounging Loafdog 1
Blue Racing Robostrider small Blue Racing Robostrider 1
Unveiled Chameleon small Unveiled Chameleon 1
Huyldirjr, Singer for the Silent small Huyldirjr, Singer for the Silent 1
Corrosion Cloak small Corrosion Cloak 1
Turbo Duck small Turbo Duck 1
Floating Tutti-Fruttsicle small Floating Tutti-Fruttsicle 1
Thoughtless Thirst small Thoughtless Thirst 1
Trotting Otter small Trotting Otter 1
Radiant PWN-E small Radiant PWN-E 1
Nukti, Daughter of Nanuknini small Nukti, Daughter of Nanuknini 1
Trundling Boom Bundle small Trundling Boom Bundle 1
Hyperstar Hoverboard small Hyperstar Hoverboard 1
Sweet Seat of Power small Sweet Seat of Power 1
Trolling Trawler small Trolling Trawler 1
Shock small Shock 1
Ulysses the Unicycle small Ulysses the Unicycle 1
Breeze-Borne Blossom Wings small Breeze-Borne Blossom Wings 1
Leafy Levitators small Leafy Levitators 1
Wings of Wizardry small Wings of Wizardry 1
Windcatcher Webwings small Windcatcher Webwings 1
Bedecked Iceboat small Bedecked Iceboat 1
Big Blue Bronto small Big Blue Bronto 1
Purloined Powerseat small Purloined Powerseat 1
Cataphract Construct small Cataphract Construct 1
Fleeting Heartcycle small Fleeting Heartcycle 1
Siren Song small Siren Song 1
Rodney the Rollerbot small Rodney the Rollerbot 1
Sergeant Steelgills small Sergeant Steelgills 1
SS Cube small SS Cube 1
Jurassic Junk small Jurassic Junk 1
Eye of the Overlords small Eye of the Overlords 1
Agarita of the Gloaming Grove small Agarita of the Gloaming Grove 1
Antigrav Scooter small Antigrav Scooter 1
Flamagnis the Torcher small Flamagnis the Torcher 1
Charter Chopper small Charter Chopper 1
Poppin' Pete small Poppin' Pete 1
Trovian Triple Ace small Trovian Triple Ace 1
No-Quarter Bounder small No-Quarter Bounder 1
Bitty Dream Bro small Bitty Dream Bro 1
Fluttering Chaos small Fluttering Chaos 1
Duckbill Dasher small Duckbill Dasher 1
ATMOS ZX-7 Superbike small ATMOS ZX-7 Superbike 1
White Hot Wings small White Hot Wings 1
Bankroller small Bankroller 1
Dancing Cobra small Dancing Cobra 1
Red Hot Wings small Red Hot Wings 1
Shadow Pinata item small Shadow Pinata 8 Very Rare
Chaotic Mimic small Chaotic Mimic 1
Winking Tentabox small Winking Tentabox 1
Chaotic Clipper small Chaotic Clipper 1
Chaotic Cruiser small Chaotic Cruiser 1
Whispers of Chaos small Whispers of Chaos 1
Contorting Contemplator small Contorting Contemplator 1
Koroki, the Sower of Chaos small Koroki, the Sower of Chaos 1
Skeye Stalkers small Skeye Stalkers 1
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Shadow's Eve Daily Loot Chest small Shadow's Eve Daily Loot Chest
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