Chopping Blockchain

Chopping Blockchain

Category Decoration
Type Blockchain
Item ID
Decor item only - has no additional value.
— Item Tooltip

The Chopping Blockchain is a Blockchain that is crafted through the Club's Resistor Workbench. This does not have any significant value other than being a decoration block.


Crafted Using

Crafting Station
Resistor Workbench small Resistor Workbench
Upgraded Resistor Workbench small Upgraded Resistor Workbench
Overclocked Resistor Workbench small Overclocked Resistor Workbench
Ingredient(s) Amount
PembloCoin small

PembloCoin 3
SkygoldCoin small

SkygoldCoin 55
MoonCoin small

MoonCoin 1
NotTroveCoin small

NotTroveCoin 5
IllogiCoin small

IllogiCoin 21
Flux small

Flux 110
Chopping Blockchain small Chopping Blockchain 1
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