Citaria's Watery Treasure Urn

Citaria's Watery Treasure Urn

Category Lootbox
Type Gems
Tradeable NoTrade emote
Item ID
Open for a Radiant or Stellar Empowered Water Gem, Class Gem Key Fragment, Binding Darkness, Class Gem Key, or rarely a Prism of Light or Diamond Dragon Egg.
— Items Description

Citaria's Watery Treasure Urn is a special type of Empowered Gem Box that can be obtained through loot collecting Citaria's Watery Cache. The cache can be opened like Shadow Caches, and grants the player a random Empowered Gem.

NOTE: Golden Keys will NOT work on Watery Treasure Urns.


The following are the contents of the Watery Treasure Urns by rarity:

Citaria's Watery Treasure Urn small Citaria's Watery Treasure Urn
Item Amount Rarity
Empowered Water Gem small Any Radiant Leveled Water Empowered Gem 1 Common
Class Gem Key Fragment small Class Gem Key Fragment 1
Empowered Water Gem small Any Stellar Leveled Water Empowered Gem 1 Uncommon
Class Gem Key small Class Gem Key 1
Prism of Light small Prism of Light 1 Rare
Diamond Dragon Egg small Diamond Dragon Egg 1 Very Rare
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