Club Empowered Gem Box

Club Empowered Gem Box

Category Lootbox
Type Gems
Tradeable NoTrade emote
Golden Key NoGoldenKey emote
Item ID
Open for a Radiant Empowered Gem
— Item Description

Club Empowered Gem Boxes are Lootboxes that can be bought from Club Merchant Princes for 1200 Adventurine. They always drop a Radiant Empowered Gem.

Unlike the Empowered Gem box , the Club Empowered Gem Box can not give Diamond Dragon EggsClass Gem KeysClass Gem Key Fragments, or Prisms of Light . 


The following are the contents of Club Empowered Gem Boxes:

50px Club Empowered Gem Box
Item Amount Rarity
Empowered Water Gem small Radiant Empowered Water Gem 1 Common
Empowered Air Gem small Radiant Empowered Air Gem 1
Empowered Fire Gem small Radiant Empowered Fire Gem 1
Empowered Cosmic Gem small Radiant Empowered Cosmic Gem 1
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