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In Trove, Combat is one of the main aspects of gameplay. Items that tie in to combat benefit the player as healing items, boosting stats, or adding abilities to further enhance gameplay. Many of these helpful items can be obtained in various ways either through in-game stores (vis Store, Vendors, and/or Player Marketplace) or through normal gameplay, quests, and/or special events. Most items are learned by consuming the item that has a tag on the item's description that says: "Not in Your Collection."

Unless otherwise stated, all Vials and Emblems are 25 mastery point each, Tomes are worth 20 or 100 mastery points each, and Allies are worth 10, 20, or 50 mastery points each.


There are a total of 4 different types of Combat items players can unlock and/or equip.

Combat Allies Allies

See Allies for a full list of these cute critters.

Allies are stat boosting companions that give a slight boost in stats to a player. Players can equip allies using the Character Sheet to apply additional damage, stat bonuses, effects, or simply just for show. Rarer allies will have more powerful stats than their common counterparts. Players can also stylize their ally by right-clicking an ally to apply a style while still keeping the stats from the equipped ally.

Combat Flasks Flasks

See Flasks for a full list of the different Vials and Emblems.

Flasks is the main type of recovery in Trove. There are 2 of Flasks, one is the main healing source of item (a.k.a. Vials) with limited uses and the other is a flask effect (a.k.a. Emblems) that add extra buffs to the flask.

Combat Tomes Tomes

See Tomes for a full list of these items.

Tomes are special items of equipment used to gain resources through clearing Lairs and Dungeons. There are two types of tomes players can get, Normal Tomes with unlimited uses, and Legendary Tomes with weekly uses.

Combat Fish Fish

See Fish for a full list of fish.

Fish is a type of collectable item that players can obtain through Fishing using Fishing Poles at a source of liquid blocks. After obtaining a suitable pole, players can fish in different liquid types to find different varieties of fish (given if the players has Lures to catch fish). All common and uncommon fish can be caught anywhere within the proper liquid; however, rare fish require specific conditions to be caught, in most cases specific biomes.

Unlike other combat items, these do not give additional stats or abilities. They are mainly for collection to increase a player's Mastery Rank.

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