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  • Thanks to Chiara5 for originally gathering this list. 
  • Thanks to Ignitas for immensely improving on Zoxel and creating Troxel. 

Chiara's credits:

  • Thanks to Qbicfeet for providing Mv's imagel
  • Thanks to KungFuQuickness for being eternally patient and helping me with troubleshooting AND providing the uncompressed player model

Qubicle Constructor


Recommended Edition: Stonehearth (You can find Qubicle 1.6 at the bottom of the list under the FAQ section)

It's the software the developers are using. It works well and has a lot of tools. Unfortunately the free edition cannot export files and you won't be able to submit your work without someone converting the file. The Stonehearth edition is less limited than the free version and can import any format as well as export in .qb, it costs $11 USD. 

I recommend not using .vox to export and submit, it slightly changed Kungfuquickness' weapons color and made the attachment points all wrong. You should use .qb instead.


Download: Zoxel (Fork by Ignitas, Inventor of Troxel)

The original Zoxel is a nice free editor. Simple, user friendly and very handy for coloring. It can export and import uncompressed .qb files. The Fork by Ignitas adds numerous functionality, however, much of which assists heavily in creating for Trove.

It has somewhat limited features compared to Qubicle, such as being limited to a single .qb model at a time, but it's still under development and the version by the Trovian Ignitas is frequently updated. Keep an eye on the github for new versions!

Magica Voxel


This is a free editor which is still under development. I find it really fast for building, it has more tools than Zoxel and while I still prefer the latter for ease of use, I tend to use both.

You can load a custom color palette and that's pretty nice.

Here is information on some alternative palettes for Magica Voxel that might make it easier for Trove creations.

See this image to orient your weapon correctly.

It can import and export .qb as well as .vox (aka slab, this is the .vox used by other softwares). For import use .vox(aka slab) when possible as importing .qb will match colors with the currently loaded palette and therefore can lead to color inaccuracies. For export use .qb. DO NOT submit its native .vox format, it's not the same format accepted for Trove. Using .vox (aka slab) for export may change your colors as well, so just use .qb for that. Remember to check for new versions. Easier color picking and an option to disable the "purple light" built in with an update.



This is a free and simple to use voxel editor. There are many function to help you build better creations.

It can import from .qb, .vox, .vxl, .rawvox, .kvx and export to .qb, .vox, .pnx, .kv6, .dae, and .png for render.

Note that it fully supports importing Magicka Voxel .vox files.

Qubicle 2.0


This version of Qubicle is more of a professional type voxel editor with many features and tools. It takes some time to get used to but works very well in creating any type of item. This program is also well suited when making Mods because users can have each object in their own "matrix" which can be moved around or even packed into one. This program can import files like .vox and .qb and even image files such as .bmp, .gif, .jpg, .png, and .tif as well as export to .qb, .qef, .dae, .obj, .stl, and .vox.

A free trial can be downloaded to have access to the features it has, unfortunately this version cannot export files and you won't be able to submit your work without someone converting the file. The Qubicle 2.0 Home Edition will add these features with additional premium tools for the user to work on, it costs $40 USD for the online download however.  


Use: Troxel

Created by Ignitas, this is a highly intuitive, almost crucial, tool for submitting an item to Trove through the Trove Creations subreddit. It has numerous features, is easy to use, and even features a "Linter" which will tell you if the item you've created matches the specifications of its category, and you can create material maps on the fly as it basically has all-in-one rendering which heavily simplifies the material map making process.


Use: Buffy

This is a web browser based voxel editor. There are public and private cloud storages so users can easily save and share their works. It supports importing and exporting .qb and .vox file formats.

Buffy also provides special features for Trove. By turning on Trove mode (Advanced > Edit as Trove File), you can edit additional material maps and preview material map applied 3D model. If you install Truffy, a simple desktop app for Trove Creation, you can convert your creation into a blueprint and apply it to Trove client without any knowledge about Material Maps.