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Corgi Talisman

Corgi Talisman.png

Category Material
Type Talisman
Item ID
Crafting Material. Can be rarely found in Uber 7 and lower adventure worlds. Use at the Adventurer's Crafting Bench to craft a corgi mount.
— Item Tooltip

Corgi Talismans are a type of resource that drop rarely while adventuring in Uber-7 and lower Adventure Worlds. They can be used to craft Corgi mounts at the Adventurer's Crafting Bench.

Used to Craft

Corgi Talisman.pngCorgi Talisman
Result Item (Quantity) Crafted in...
Pemblock.pngPemblock Corgi Talisman.pngCorgi Talisman
Flux.pngFlux (10,000)
Adventurer's Crafting Bench.pngAdventurer's Crafting Bench
Pember.pngPember Corgi Talisman.pngCorgi Talisman
Primordial Flame.pngPrimordial Flame (200)
Steed Feed.pngSteed Feed (250)
Zombie Pemblock.pngZombie Pemblock Corgi Talisman.pngCorgi Talisman
Somber Soul.pngSomber Soul (100)
Bleached Bone.pngBleached Bone (50)
Steed Feed.pngSteed Feed (250)
Pemburr, Caroling Corgi.pngPemburr, Caroling Corgi Corgi Talisman.pngCorgi Talisman
Chestnut.pngChestnut (200)
Glacial Shard.pngGlacial Shard (300)
Steed Feed.pngSteed Feed (250)
Pemborg.pngPemborg Corgi Talisman.pngCorgi Talisman
Robotic Salvage.pngRobotic Salvage (100)
Steed Feed.pngSteed Feed (250)
Infinium Pemborg.pngInfinium Pemborg Corgi Talisman.pngCorgi Talisman
Infinium.pngInfinium (200)
Steed Feed.pngSteed Feed (250)
Pembarr.pngPembarr Corgi Talisman.pngCorgi Talisman
Golden Seashell.pngGolden Seashell (200)
Glim.pngGlim (500)
Steed Feed.pngSteed Feed (250)
Tanbleddyn of the Western Peaks.pngTanbleddyn of the Western Peaks Dragon Coin.pngDragon Coin (300)
Flux.pngFlux (25,000)
Corgi Talisman.pngCorgi Talisman (3)
Steed Feed.pngSteed Feed (1,600)
Dormant Valiant Dragon Egg.pngDormant Valiant Dragon Egg
Dragon Crucible.pngDragon Crucible