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This page is under Retired Items.
  • The following item is removed from the game due to obtainability and/or the item being discontinued.
  • Players who had the item previously will not have theirs removed, but the item will not have the same use in the game.

*Reason: "Removed due to a recent change to the Store; Credit Pouches are the main way to unlock Store exclusive costumes."

Costume Mystery Box

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Category Mystery Box
Type Costume
Store Price Credits small 600 for one
Credits small 540 each (10 pack)
Item ID
Throw it down and collect your random costume.
— Item Tooltip

Costume Mystery Box were obtained by purchasing from Store. It used to unlock random available costumes. Costume mystery boxes can be bought in a singular pack of one box (which is only 600 Credits) or in a pack of 10 boxes (each of which are only 540 Credits which is slightly cheaper than buying one).

These could contain any costume in the game except for the seasonal costume, Santa Barbarian.


The following are the contents of the Costume Mystery Box, all of which are uncommon drops:

Item Class
Trovian Guard small Trovian Guard Knight
Dragon Knight small Dragon Knight Knight
Blood Knight small Blood Knight Knight
Bone Knight small Bone Knight Knight
Elysian Guardian small Elysian Guardian Knight
Regal Rebel small Regal Rebel Gunslinger
Revolver Ranger small Revolver Ranger Gunslinger
Hotdog Hero small Hotdog Hero Gunslinger
Uberman small Uberman Gunslinger
Heartbreaker small Heartbreaker Gunslinger
Dark Fae small Dark Fae Fae Trickster
Ice Cold small Ice Cold Fae Trickster
F43 Trickster small F43 Trickster Fae Trickster
Bee Trickster small Bee Trickster Fae Trickster
Guardian Angel small Guardian Angel Fae Trickster
Ashen Beast small Ashen Beast Dracolyte
Shadow Maw small Shadow Maw Dracolyte
Balefire Beast small Balefire Beast Dracolyte
Dreamolyte small Dreamolyte Dracolyte
Nightshade small Nightshade Neon Ninja
Magenta Master small Magenta Master Neon Ninja
Lunar Ronin small Lunar Ronin Neon Ninja
Heartbleed small Heartbleed Neon Ninja
Neon Stroke small Neon Stroke Neon Ninja
Reboot small Reboot Neon Ninja
Ice Cream Crusher small Ice Cream Crusher Candy Barbarian
Licorice Lord small Licorice Lord Candy Barbarian
Dark Infineon small Dark Infineon Candy Barbarian
Sugar Skull small Sugar Skull Candy Barbarian
50px Blue Jelly Bear +
50px Pink Jelly Bear
Candy Barbarian
Black Ice small Black Ice Ice Sage
Nice Sage small Nice Sage Ice Sage
Shadow's Disciple small Shadow's Disciple Ice Sage
Molten Fury small Molten Fury Ice Sage
Relic of the Past small Relic of the Past Shadow Hunter
Dead Shot small Dead Shot Shadow Hunter
Sharp Shooter small Sharp Shooter Shadow Hunter
Shadow Shroud small Shadow Shroud Shadow Hunter
Master of Commanding small Master of Commanding Pirate Captain
Ghost Pirate small Ghost Pirate Pirate Captain
Mad Scientist small Mad Scientist Pirate Captain
Dark Boomeranger small Dark Boomeranger Boomeranger
Winter Boomeranger small Winter Boomeranger Boomeranger
Soulkeeper small Soulkeeper Tomb Raiser
Acidic small Acidic Tomb Raiser
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