Native to the planet Geode, Critters are passive NPCs that roam around deep within the caverns. These creatures do not directly cause harm to players, but have varying behaviors and can grant players rewards when caring for their needs. They can be seen roaming around Moonglow Grotto, Sunken Sunvault, and Verdant Veins.

There are currently 8 types of critters.


Critter Sunkissed Froleek Critter Fresh Howlug Critter Ember Cragglepod Critter Curious Gleemur Critter Bouncy Hoppet Critter Amber Jelotl Critter Quizzical Qubrik Critter Zigzag Zepperay
Froleek Howlug Cragglepod Gleemur Hoppet Jelotl Qubrik Zepperay

Caring for Critters

Critters that are found in the caves usually need help from the players. After helping a critter, players are rewarded with 1-2 Lesser Crystal Caches (Additionally with Treasure Critters players can gain ?? Crystals per second before despawning).

Type Description Action
Critter Hunger Hunger The critter hungers for food. Critters are more active in this state. Critter Treats small Critter Treats
Critter Broken Bone Injured The critter stays in place, injured from being in the caves. Curing Kit small Curing Kit
Critter Snowflake Cold The critter stays in place, shivering from low body temperature. Comfort Blanket small Comfort Blanket
Critter Treasure Treasure The critter is overburdened with treasure. Critters are more active in this state. Omni-Tool small Omni-Tool
Comfort Blanket small Comfort Blanket
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