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Category Resource
Type Material
Tradeable This item can't be traded.
Item ID
A plentiful crafting material found on Geode in caves and inside cave walls.
— Item Tooltip

Crystals are a common resource found throughout the Geode Caves. The crystal can be found as a glowing crystal clusters that players can walk on to collect, with small ones giving 1 per cluster and large chunks giving 15 crystals each. They can also be obtained though GardeningLesser Crystal Caches, Greater Crystal CachesBoom Box: Season One and Boom Box: Season Two.

This item can be used to craft Geode Resources, Tomes, Mounts, and Costumes in the Crystallogy Workbench or craft decorations in the Geodian Workbench. They can also be used to upgrade Modules in the Module Forge and Companions at the Companion Trainer.