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Crystallized Cloud
Category Resource
Type Ore
Item ID
Crafting Material. Common ore found in the Sky Realms.
— Item Tooltip

Crystallized Cloud are ores that can be found in Radiant Ruins biomes. They are most commonly found in the Sky Realm which can be accessed using a Sky Realm Portal or though the Trovian Atlas via "Radiant Ruins World." Crystallized Cloud can also be found in parts of the Cursed Skylands but in lower quantities due to there being less Radiant Ruins biomes compared to the Sky Realm. These ores are used in various crafting recipes (mainly through the Runecrafting Profession) and one of the key items to craft the Ultralight Flight Chassis for the Neon Nightsky Wings.

These ores once mined has a rare chance to drop the Nimble Nimbus mount. These ores also have a rare chance to drop Dormant Golden Vale Dragon Egg Fragments to craft Carys, Seraph of the Golden Vale (PTS ONLY).