Cube Converter

Cube Converter

Category Crafting Station
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Changes primal color blocks into other color blocks.
— Item Tooltip

Cube Converter is a Crafting Station used to convert Primal Blocks into other coloured blocks.


Crafting Station
Builder's Crafting Bench small Builder's Crafting Bench
Ingredient(s) Amount
Primal Red small

Primal Red 10
Primal Green small

Primal Green 10
Primal Blue small

Primal Blue 10
Shapestone Ore small

Shapestone 20
Cube Converter small Cube Converter 1

Used to Craft

Standard Blocks
Midnight Blue small

Midnight Blue

Dark Blue small

Dark Blue


Buisness Blue

Light Blue small

Light Blue

Blue Blue small

Blue Blue

Laser Blue small

Laser Blue

Moar Blue small

Moar Blue

Boiled Denim small

Boiled Denim

Dark Brown small

Dark Brown

Still Pretty Dark Brown small

Still Pretty Dark Brown

Sepiagram small


Also Brown small

Also Brown

Hazel-ish small


Dark Chocolate small

Dark Chocolate

Cardboard Box small

Cardboard Box

Khaki Pants small

Khaki Pants

Brown Town small

Brown Town

Dark Green small

Dark Green

Lime Green small

Lime Green

Slime Green small

Slime Green

Light Green small

Light Green

Electric Green small

Electric Green

Super Green small

Super Green

Greeny-er small


Pine Green small

Pine Green

Army Man small

Army Man

Radioactive Green small

Radioactive Green

Mossy Green small

Mossy Green

Charcoal small


Dark Grey small

Dark Grey

Regular Old Grey small

Regular Old Grey

Light Grey small

Light Grey

Umber Orange small

Umber Orange

Festive Orange small

Festive Orange

Peachy small


Burnt Orange small

Burnt Orange

Construction Orange small

Construction Orange

Orange Creamsicle small

Orange Creamsicle

Pumpkin Orange small

Pumpkin Orange

Reddish Orange small

Reddish Orange

Orange Sherbet small

Orange Sherbet

Spray Tan small

Spray Tan

Ominous Purple small

Ominous Purple

Dark Purple small

Dark Purple

Violet small


Lilac small


Vibrant Purple small

Vibrant Purple

8-Bit Grape small

8-Bit Grape

Pastel Purple small

Pastel Purple

Severe Periwinkle small

Severe Periwinkle

Magenta Magic small

Magenta Magic

Dark Red small

Dark Red

Cadmium Red small

Cadmium Red

Salmon Red small

Salmon Red

Pink small


Grandma's Lipstick small

Grandma's Lipstick

Rosy Pink small

Rosy Pink

Pretty Pink small

Pretty Pink

Registroxel small


Darker Yellow small

Darker Yellow

Dark Yellow small

Dark Yellow

Buttercup Yellow small

Buttercup Yellow

Pale Yellow small

Pale Yellow

Yellowy Orange small

Yellowy Orange

Yellow Mustard small

Yellow Mustard

Fast Food Yellow small

Fast Food Yellow

Electric Lime small

Electric Lime

Honey Mustard small

Honey Mustard

White small


Gold small


Cornerstone Foundation small

Cornerstone Foundation

Verdant Green small

Verdant Green

Metallic Blocks
Metal Blue Jeans small

Metal Blue Jeans

Blue Steel small

Blue Steel

Mechanic Blue small

Mechanic Blue

Auto Body Blue small

Auto Body Blue

Deep Blue Sea small

Deep Blue Sea


Metalic Brown

Metallic Grey-Blue small

Metallic Grey-Blue

Metallic Purple small

Metallic Purple

Polished Purple small

Polished Purple

Polished Periwinkle small

Polished Periwinkle

Metallic Purple small

Metal Magenta

Midnight Metal small

Midnight Metal

Metallic Red small

Metallic Red

Red Rust small

Red Rust

Rusty Rouge small

Rusty Rouge

Metallic Pink small

Metallic Pink

Metallic Dark Pink small

Metallic Dark Pink

Metallic Dark Orange small

Metallic Dark Orange

Metallic Green small

Metallic Green

Shiny Green small

Shiny Green

Glistening Moss small

Glistening Moss

Metal Camouflage small

Metal Camouflage

Pewter Pine small

Pewter Pine

Metallic Rust Orange small

Metallic Rust Orange

Metallic Yellow small

Metallic Yellow

Metallic Mustard small

Metallic Mustard

Metallic White small

Metallic White

Silver small


Black Iron small

Black Iron

Glass Blocks
Brown Glass small

Brown Glass

Transparent Brown small

Transparent Brown

Also Transparent Brown small

Also Transparent Brown

Frosted Leather small

Frosted Leather

Purple Glass small

Purple Glass

Cool Magenta Glass small

Cool Magenta Glass

Glassy Grape small

Glassy Grape

Light Purple Glass small

Light Purple Glass

Transparent Purple small

Transparent Purple

Yellow Glass small

Yellow Glass

Light Yellow Glass small

Light Yellow Glass

Vibrant Yellow Glass small

Vibrant Yellow Glass

Orange Glass small

Orange Glass

Pumpkin Glass small

Pumpkin Glass

Peachy Glaze small

Peachy Glaze

Blue Glass small

Blue Glass

Skylight Blue small

Skylight Blue

Moon Roof Blue small

Moon Roof Blue

Dark Blue Glass small

Dark Blue Glass

Green Glass small

Green Glass

See-Through Green small

See-Through Green

Grass Glass small

Grass Glass

Sea Foam small

Sea Foam

Lime Glass small

Lime Glass

Icy Green small

Icy Green

Red Glass small

Red Glass

Revealing Red small

Revealing Red

Red Sunglasses small

Red Sunglasses

Pink Glass small

Pink Glass

Plexiglass Pink small

Plexiglass Pink

Bubblegum Glass small

Bubblegum Glass

Turquoise Glass small

Turquoise Glass

Transparent Turquoise small

Transparent Turquoise

White Glass small

White Glass

Grey Glass small

Grey Glass

Black Ice (Block) small

Black Ice (Block)

Glowing Blocks
Glowing Blue small

Glowing Blue

Glow Jeans small

Glow Jeans

Deep Blue small

Deep Blue

Glowing Green small

Glowing Green

Pine Bulb small

Pine Bulb

Toxic Neon small

Toxic Neon

Luminescent Moss small

Luminescent Moss

Glowing Yellow small

Glowing Yellow


Mustard Lighting

Glowing Pink small

Glowing Pink

Neon Pink small

Neon Pink

Glowing Red small

Glowing Red

Radiant Rust small

Radiant Rust

Glowing Cyan small

Glowing Cyan

Glowing Dark Blue small

Glowing Dark Blue

Glowing Dark Red small

Glowing Dark Red

Glowing Orange small

Glowing Orange

Creamy Orange small

Creamy Orange

Emitting Orange small

Emitting Orange

Glowing Purple small

Glowing Purple

Bright Grape small

Bright Grape


SpooOOooky Purple

Neon Turquoise small

Neon Turquoise

Glowing White small

Glowing White

Organic Blocks
Peaceful Dirt small

Peaceful Dirt

Peaceful Stone small

Peaceful Stone

Highlands Dirt small

Highlands Dirt

Highlands Stone small

Highlands Stone


Neon "Grass"

Cyberian Ice small

Cyberian Ice

Face of Flow small

Face of Flow

Cocoa Cascade small

Cocoa Cascade

Stylish Blocks
Bordered Dark Blue small

Bordered Dark Blue

Bordered Pretty Dark Brown small

Bordered Pretty Dark Brown

Bordered Lime Green small

Bordered Lime Green

Bordered Light Grey small

Bordered Light Grey

Violet Bordered Green small

Violet Bordered Green

Red Bordered Green small

Red Bordered Green

Bordered Pale Yellow small

Bordered Pale Yellow

Glowstriped Dark Blue and Cyan small

Glowstriped Dark Blue and Cyan

Glowstriped Red and Dark Red small

Glowstriped Red and Dark Red

Glowstriped Purple and Pink small

Glowstriped Purple and Pink

Glowstriped Purple and Green small

Glowstriped Purple and Green

Glowstriped Orange and Red small

Glowstriped Orange and Red

Glowstriped Dark Red and Yellow small

Glowstriped Dark Red and Yellow

Glowstriped Yellow and Green small

Glowstriped Yellow and Green

Barred Yellow and Glowing Yellow small

Barred Yellow and Glowing Yellow

Barred Purple and Glowing Green small

Barred Purple and Glowing Green

Barred Grey and Glowing Blue small

Barred Grey and Glowing Blue

Barred Green and Glowing Pink small

Barred Green and Glowing Pink

Barred Brown and Glowing Yellow small

Barred Brown and Glowing Yellow


Barred Brown and Glowing Orange

Barred Blue and Glowing Cyan small

Barred Blue and Glowing Cyan

Dark Blue Mustache small

Dark Blue Mustache

Pretty Dark Brown Mustache small

Pretty Dark Brown Mustache

Lime Green Mustache small

Lime Green Mustache

Light Grey Mustache small

Light Grey Mustache

Violet Mustache small

Violet Mustache

Red Mustache small

Red Mustache

Pale Yellow Mustache small

Pale Yellow Mustache

Special Blocks
Scaffolding small


Melty Ice small

Melty Ice

Mimic (Block) small

Mimic (Block)

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