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Currency is a measurement of wealth in Trove. There are many types of currency that exist in Trove either by in-game or trade currency. There are various types of currency that are used by the players to buy items in the Store or trade other players with. The two store currencies are Cubits and Credits, and they're unable to be traded between players. The main player-to-player trading currencies are Glim and Flux, but just about anything can be offered up, such as Chaos Chests.

Source 2.png Cubits

Cubits are a form of currency that you get simply from playing the game. Players can get cubits in many different ways either by Mastery, completing the Golden Thread achievements, obtaining Badges, and by Trove's daily Star Bar. Not all items in the shop can be bought with Cubits, but a great deal of items can be. Mounts, Wings and flasks/emblems are a few prime examples of items that can be bought with Cubits. However, buying these items will add them to your collection, as opposed to giving you tradable items.

Credits 2.png Credits

Credits make up Trove's premium currency (bought with real-world money). Most of the items bought via Credits will give the buyer a tangible item (the exceptions to this are unlockables, such as classes, cornerstone slots, or chest pages). This type of currency is for players who want to buy items for themselves, for friends, or to trade with. It is possible to receive Credits from progressing in one's Mastery level, it is not practical, as you get small amounts.

Credits can also be rewarded for players submitting game content like user-made items, decorations, lairs, and dungeons. Each item that is submitted and accepted has its own reward amount (highly dependent on necessity). Rarely, players can report a valid dupe bug (or other game-breaking bug) and receive a plethora of Credits from Trion.

Credits can also be bought from the market via credit pouches which when used add 250 credits to the players account.

Click here to view Trove's currency prices.

Glim small.png Glim

Glim is a common type of currency that some players use to trade. People trade with Glim to get Soultraps and Mounts that can be found in the Treasure Isles Biomes. Glim can be easily obtained by Fishing and walking over different types of grass found in each biome.

Note that it is not generally used very often because of it being a common item and it's only use is for crafting and trading in vendors.

Flux small.png Flux

Flux is a very common type of trading currency by players. This item is not an official currency, but many use it for trading the vast majority of the items in the game. An abundant amount of players use this as a currency for these reasons:

  • Flux is a tangible in-game item that can be traded among players
  • Most marketplace sales are conducted with flux
  • Flux can be used to craft/ buy the other market currency, Penta-Forged Shadow Souls

Having flux as a main trading material can allow players to get nearly every item in the game without paying any money (with the exception of Patron only rewards and untradeable items such as gems.)

Flux is also stored in your crafting inventory, Megaflux Tanks are no longer needed for storage.

Clubit small.png Clubit

Clubits are a special Currency used by Clubs to purchase, upgrade and manage Fixtures as well as Heroes at the Rally of Heroes Fixture. They are earned by completing Adventures to gain Adventurine, which can then be turned into Clubits at the Clubit Minting Machine and Grand Clubit Minting Machine at a 10:1 and 85:10 ratio respectively

Adventurine small.png Adventurine

Adventurine is used to make Clubits and purchase special recipes, mounts, etc. form the Club Vendors in the Hub.