Cursed Vale biome banner
When aged adventurers hang up their swords, they don’t build retirement cornerstones in the Cursed Vale. With wildlife known as “the wild death” and the scent of rancid murk clinging to every corner, only the strongest warriors (with the weakest nostrils) should venture forth.

Cursed Vale (also known to be called Haunted Woods, Viking Burial Grounds and Spooky Hills) is a Prime World biome presented by the dark purple “Cursed and Undead” theme. It exists in Adventure Worlds Cursed-vale and higher (purple portal) and can appear in small patches or massive chunks of land. The items that can be obtained here that are randomly generated are Enchanted Wood, Mushrooms, and Somber Souls.

Cursed Vale icon

Cursed Vale biome as it appears on the map.

The Cursed Vale is displayed on the map as a purple biome with a watermark pattern of a skull patterned within the area of the map. This biome contains Primal Purple blocks with Primal Yellow Blocks for dirt and stone. There are many patches of grass that players can destroy by basic attacks or run over by Mounts, which will give players Glim and a few occasional pickup of Bombs.

This biome is made up of abandoned houses, cursed tombs, and unsettling catacombs to give it the theme of being cursed and undead to the world of Trove. Enemies around here are mainly undead ranging from Skeletons to Undead Emperors. A few undead Permafrost enemies can also be seen here in Lairs and Dungeons.

This is the home of the Tomb Raiser.


When traveled adventurers hang up their swords they don’t build their retirement cottages in the Cursed Vale. The view isn’t terribly pleasant due to rancid murk and the wildlife is known as the wild death. Here is treasure, though! Enchanted Wood and Mushrooms grow here, but the most valuable resource in the Cursed Vale are Somber Souls.

Biomes in this group are creepy, dim, and dangerous! Natural growth like grass and trees are affected by the undead influence, and become corrupted as a result. Foes in these regions tend to be nightmares, shambling monstrosities, decaying warriors, and other unsavory characters you wouldn’t want to meet in a dark alley. Decoration items from this type of biome should be a bit on the macabre side. “Undead” versions of deco from the Wooded Highlands tend to work well here, as well as creepy bone objects or standard horror-movie props.

Weapons from the Undead Hills should be fantasy-themed, but with a darker vibe than the Wooded Highlands.

Biome Colors

Element (R, G, B) # Color Primal Block
Grass 063, 072, 116 3f4874 Primal Purple small Primal Purple
Dirt 113, 108, 080 716c50 Primal Yellow small Primal Yellow
Rock 132, 129, 105 848169 Primal Yellow small Primal Yellow
Tree (Foliage) 094, 083, 123 5e537b Primal Purple small Primal Purple
Tree (Bark) 071, 068, 079 47444f Primal Purple small Primal Purple


The flora of the Cursed Vale consists mainly of tall, purple-leafed trees, that when destroyed (trunk and leaves) drop Primal Purple blocks; small patches of purple grass may also be found, and when destroyed, can drop 1-2 glim or bombs. There are also two special plants, a purple mushroom (drops Mushroom chunks) and a small tree trunk (drops Enchanted Wood).



From Environment From Ore Veins From Enemies From Lairs/Dungeons
Glim small Glim
from Undead Grass
Shapestone Ore small Shapestone Ore Mushroom Chunk small Mushroom Chunk
from Dark Mushroom Men
Cursed Recipe small Cursed Recipe
from Undead Recipe Lairs
Bomb small Bomb
from Undead Grass
Formicite Ore small Formicite Ore
Only in Elite worlds or Higher
Sticky Ichor small Sticky Ichor
from Cave Beetles
Enchanted Wood small Enchanted Wood
from Enchanted Stumps
Infinium Ore small Infinium Ore
Only in Elite worlds or Higher
Bleached Bone small Bleached Bone
from Undead Skeletons
Mushroom Chunk small Mushroom Chunk
from Tall Dark Mushrooms
Golden Soul small Golden Soul
Only in Elite worlds or Higher
- -
- Primordial Flame small Primordial Flame
Only in Elite worlds or Higher
- -
- Somber Soul small Somber Soul
Only in Elite worlds or Higher
Only found in other Ore Veins
- -


Enemy Natural Spawn Lair/Dungeon Spawn Lair Boss Dungeon Pre-Boss Dungeon Boss Cursed Skulls
Enemy Ancient Viking Skeleton Ancient Viking Skeleton Yes Yes Yes
Enemy Bone Blade Bone Blade Yes Yes Yes Yes
Enemy Cave Beetle Cave Beetle Yes
Enemy Dark Mushroom Man Dark Mushroom Man Yes
Enemy Dark Mushroom King Dark Mushroom King Yes
Enemy Death Knight Death Knight Yes Yes
Enemy Skeleton Skeleton Yes Yes Yes
Enemy Skeleton Knight Skeleton Knight Yes Yes Yes
Enemy Snowblind Strangler Snowblind Strangler Yes
Enemy Undead Emperor Undead Emperor Yes Yes
Enemy Viking Skeleton Viking Skeleton Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Enemy Wight King Wight King Yes Yes
Enemy Wight Runecaster Wight Runecaster Yes Yes
Enemy Wraith Wraith Yes Yes Yes


Small Crypt*
2016-08-21 135758
Undead Shadow Invader Tower
2016-08-21 134404
2016-08-20 161745
Ghost House
2016-08-20 152420
Undead Watchtower
2016-08-21 134207
Not Mjölnir
2016-08-20 161601
Dark Orb
2016-08-20 205828
2016-08-20 152526
Darkened Crypt
2016-08-20 161517
2016-08-21 134035
The Altar
Image TBA The Tainted Lord
Image TBA Witch's Cauldron*
2016-08-21 135059
Cursed Recipe Lair*
2016-08-20 161645
Voodoo Lord Recipe Lair

*Unconfirmed name

Swarm Lairs

2016-08-20 152545
Giant's Tomb
2016-08-20 152631
Evil Wizard Tower
2016-08-20 152356
Temple Cube'd


2016-08-21 143418
Haunted Mansion
2016-08-20 161549
The Catacombs
2016-08-21 145707
Undead Ziggurat
Ancient Trovian Temple
2016-08-20 205732
King's Tomb
2016-08-20 205909
Lich's Crypt
2016-08-21 151039
Thorvian's Burial Mound
Image TBA Cursed Bathhouse


2016-12-25 194646
Evergreen Dungeon
Image TBA Pumpkin Lair
(Shadow's Eve)

Removed Dungeons/Lairs

Viking Fort*

*Unconfirmed name


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