Cygnus's Skyship

Cygnus's Skyship

Category Boat
Type Galleon
Group Login
Tradeable NoTrade emote
Designer DatGuy
Movement Speed 140
Turning Rate 40
Acceleration 12
Item ID
This magnificent vessel is said to have at one time traversed the skies as well as the seas.
— Item Tooltip

Cygnus's Skyship is a galleon class boat can be crafted from Radiant Dayspring using Cygnus's Tokens during January 2018.

Like all other Galleon class ships, it has more range on the cannon than Clipper Class boats as well as more movement speed, but it has less turning rate.

Because they are account locked, they are unable to be bought, sold, or traded.

Crafting Recipe

Crafting Station
Radiant Dayspring small Radiant Dayspring
Ingredient(s) Amount
Cygnus's Token 2018 small

Cygnus's Token 2018 18
Cygnus's Skyship small Cygnus's Skyship 1


  • The Cygnus's Skyship was originally a mod made by the user DatGuy. The forum thread can be seen HERE.
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