Darknik Warbot
Category Invader
Type Golem
Primary Biome Forbidden Shadows, Atoll of Madness
- Invasions
AI Type Golem
Item Drops
Item (Quantity) Rarity
Darknik Warbot Trophy small Darknik Warbot Trophy Rare
Blueprint ID
Enemy Darknik Warbot

Darknik Warbots are a melee invasion enemy found in the Forbidden Shadows biome in the Shores of the Everdark. They can spawn randomly through Invasion events or via the Cursed Skulls in Shadow Colosseums. It is required to kill at least three of these Golems to complete the Colosseum quest.

Warbots replaced Shadow Golems, but Shadow Colosseums still refer to Warbots by that old name.

During the Gathering Light event, they can spawn rarely in the Neon City. Killing one is required for the 8/9 quest.

They can also spawn in the inner regions of the Atoll of Madness world. Killing one is required for the 5/8 Portal to Darkness questline.


Due to using the Golem AI, they can perform all of the attacks that any other Golem AI enemy can.

In the Atoll of Madness world, their aggro range is much larger compared to any other variant in other worlds.

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