Dashing Duelist
Category Styles
Type Costume
Group Knight
Designer Galeneos
Item ID
Dazzle your foes in this fencing outfit with a flair for the dramatic.
— Item tooltip

The Dashing Duelist is a cosmetic costume that can be used on the Knight class. It can be crafted at the Chaos Core Crafter.


Crafting Station
Chaos Core Crafter small Chaos Core Crafter
Ingredient(s) Amount
Chaos Core small

Chaos Core 10
Flux small

Flux 50,000
Shapestone Ore small

Shapestone Ore 5,750
Diamond small

Diamond 200
Golden Soul small

Golden Soul 25
Dashing Duelist small Dashing Duelist 1


  • The Dashing Duelist was originally created as a mod by Galeneos (known as giziyo on the forums). It was originally called the Duelist. The original mod thread can be seen here.
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