Daughter of the Moon
Category Boss
Type Luna
Biome Shadow Tower
Floor 6
Room 4
AI Type Luna
Max Life Normal: 427.8M
Hard: 2.01B
Ultra: 926.9M
Item Drops
Item (Quantity) Rarity
Moon Daughter's Trophy small Moon Daughter's Trophy Rare
Weekly Item Drops
Lunar Soul small Lunar Soul / Despoiled Divinity small Despoiled Divinity
Icon leaderboard st luna normal (Normal) 1/1
Icon leaderboard st luna hard (Hard) 2/1
Icon leaderboard st luna ultra (Ultra) 3/1
Once you reach the top level, you’ll face off against the Daughter of the Moon; the toughest enemy ever to darken the Trovian landscape.
Titan Daughter of the Moon

The Daughter of the Moon (shortened as DotM) is a Shadow Titan found in the fourth room of the sixth and final floor of the Shadow Tower. Once a week, defeating her and opening the Shadow Tower Vault she leaves behind will give 1, 2 or 3 Lunar Souls and 1, 2 or 3 Despoiled Divinities depending on the difficulty she was killed.

Defeating her on Ultra difficulty will have players in the group be entered into the leaderboards for the fastest time defeating the boss. If a player happens to get into the top 100 players, they will get a purple colored name for a week.

The player must have defeated the Darknik Dreadnought Mk II to open a portal to her.

Like all Titans, she is immune to being frozen, stunned, or knocked back.

She also appears to be giving Todstrom orders in the Abandoned Moon Temple in the Tutorial, being named only "??????". She is not fought, having Todstrom attack the player instead.


The Daughter of the Moon has a mix of melee and ranged attacks, using a sword, gun, and magic throughout the fight.

She has 4 phases, changing every 20% health lost until the final phase, changing her ability set entirely in each.

As she takes damage, she begins to shed her armor and weapons and moves faster.

Phase O

In her first phase, the Daughter of the Moon appears fully armored and uses a sword to attack.

  • Slice: Slices forward once. Can be done while moving.
  • Combo: Slices forward three times in a row.
  • Punch: Slices upward once, knocking any players hit into the air.

At 85% health she loses half of her mask.

Phase Two

The Daughter of the Moon's second phase begins when she reaches 80% health, at which point she puts away her sword, instead using a pistol to attack at range.

She also loses her right shoulderplate.

  • Stab: Stab forwards at melee range using the bayonet on her pistol.
  • Spray: Shoots a volley of projectiles in an arc.
  • Charge: Charges a single shot for several seconds before shooting for increased damage. She will attempt to aim the shot based on the player's current movement, shooting to the side in the direction the player is moving if applicable.

At 75% health, she loses her lower torso plate.
At 70% health, she loses her upper torso plate.

Phase Three

Her third phase begins at 60% health, and she drops her gun and pulls out her sword again.

She also loses her left side and rear hanging banners.

This is similar to the first phase, with some increases in difficulty.

As she loses health, the majority of her remaining armor falls off.

  • Moon Pistol: Throws down her Moon Pistol, spawning it as an invulnerable turret on the ground which shoots single projectiles. Only used at the phase start.
  • Moonlight: "Charges" her blade for a moment, dealing heavy damage to anyone nearby while active. Only used at the phase start.
  • Slice: Slices forward once. Can be done while moving.
  • Combo: Slices forward three times in a row.
  • Punch: Slices upward once, knocking any players hit into the air.
  • Backslash: Traces her sword along the ground for several seconds, then slices it forward. Anyone caught in the attack will be killed instantly. This ignores Death-Defying Vial and Revenant's passive.

At 55% health, she loses the remains of her mask.
At 52.5% health, she loses her helmet.
At 50% health, she loses right side and rear hanging banners.
At 47% health, she loses her left shoulderplate.
At 45% health, she loses her rear hanging banner.
At 42.5% health, she loses her front hanging banner.
At 41% health, she loses her thigh-guards and gauntlets.

Phase Four

Her fourth and final phase begins at 40% health, when she loses her sword entirely, fighting purely with magical attacks.

  • Moonlight: "Charges" herself for a moment, disintegrating her sword entirely and dealing heavy damage to anyone nearby while active. Only used at the phase start.
  • Lunar Bombs: Purple bombs passively drop around her throughout the phase, creating gas geysers that deal heavy damage to anyone touching them. These last for one minute each.
  • Beam: Shoots a laser diagonally to her left.
  • Twin Beam: Shoots two lasers to her sides simultaneously for several seconds.
  • Fling: Flings a Moon Disk, spawning it on the ground to deal damage to anyone nearby. These can be destroyed by attacking. Can be done while moving.

At 35% health, she loses her shinguards.
At 30% health, she loses her shoes.


  • First phase (100% health):
    • The Daughter of the Moon is fairly simple to fight in the first phase. No abilities need to be dodged.
    • Ranged classes cannot be hit as she has no ranged attacks.
    • Her punches may interrupt or waste some ability casts; make sure to use skills during a different cast, especially a combo as it takes longest to finish.
  • Second phase (80% health):
    • All projectiles move slowly enough to be dodged easily.
    • If all the players can effectively dodge the projectiles, this phase has little threat.
  • Third phase (60% health):
    • All melee players need to move away as soon as she enters this phase to avoid damage from the moonlight.
    • Moving the boss out of range of the Moon Pistol can help minimize damage received.
    • It is vital for all melee players to carefully watch the ground and dodge when she uses a backslash.
    • Like with the first phase, make sure to use skills when her punch cannot interrupt them.
  • Fourth phase (40% health):
    • As with the previous phase, all melee players need to move away as soon as she enters her fourth phase to avoid damage from the moonlight.
    • Make sure to watch her movements to avoid her beam attacks, as they deal massive damage.
    • Moon Disks can cause problems if left unchecked, destroy them as soon as they're spawned.
    • Moon Disks will fail to spawn and most likely miss if the player that the boss is focusing on is airborne. Remaining airborne throughout the phase will likely be difficult, though.
    • The Daughter will have to be moved regularly to avoid damage from the geysers, as they can quickly become difficult for melee players to dodge.


Speaker Event Dialogue
?????? Player appearance (second tutorial world) Report, Todstrom! Have you found her?
Todstrom Yes, we caught her good. Todstrom also found new soul to collect! You want?
?????? Excellent work. I must return to the Shadow Tower to proceed with our preparations.
?????? Bring that new Trovian soul to me. It will serve our purpose.
Todstrom Boss wants your soul! So no struggle, this will only hurt more!
["??????" teleports away; bars disappear and Todstrom attacks the player]


  • The Daughter of the Moon is one of only two Shadow Titans to have a unique boss arena, the other being the Shadow Hydrakken.


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