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WHAT ARE "DELVES"? TROVE'S NEW DUNGEON New Mounts, Allies and of Course, Crystal 4 Gear-1


Trove Delves was released on May 5th 2020 for the PC public servers, And July 7th 2020 for console servers.

Shadow Towers

This update will make Shadow Towers look useless. Purple name will retire with the update, as with Daughter of the Moon. This will likely return later on as a delves reward.


Delves are a new type of gameplay, combining the gameplay of the Geode caves with procedurally generated endless combat! Run through a delve, complete the objectives, and then defeat the boss quickly for rewards and the opportunity to keep going deeper! As the depth increases, so do the challenges and the rewards.
— Thread: PTS Patch Notes - Delves - 3/20/2020

A Delves boss.

For a more detailed information about how Delves work, head to Delves Overview on


Inert Geode is the currency in Delves. A certain amount of this can be held at a time. This amount can be increased by using Inert Geode Wallets.


Crystal Level 4 is now be obtainable only through delves. This came with the addition of Uber-11.

Mastery Changes

Trove mastery will reward +1.5% health, +0.5 damage, and +10 power rank until Trove mastery level 200. Geode Mastery will now give 10 light and 5 power rank untill Geode Mastery level 100. Mastery points has also been increased for numerous items.

Other Significant Details

  • Fall damage has now been removed from everywhere but geode caves.
  • Pinatas can now exclusively be used in club and hub worlds.
  • Plants in Geode now give reliquary experience.
  • There is no longer a cooldown associated with changing your primary club.
  • The Tomb Raiser will see some minor but useful changes.