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Try not to lose your cool in the vast Desert Frontier. The remains of lost civilizations and once legendary beasts stand like pillars in the sand – far-flung guideposts for the well-equipped wanderer. Bring extra water, because if the giant waspiders don’t get you, the relentless sun will.

Desert Frontier (also known to be called Abandoned Boneyard, Alkali Flats, and Desert of Secrets) is a Prime World Biome presented by the orange land with a “Frontier/Wild West” theme. It exists in any Adventure Worlds which are Desert Frontier World (Orange portal) and higher and can appear in small patches or massive chunks of land. The items that can be obtained here that are randomly generated are Bottles.

Desert Frontier icon

Desert Frontier biomes are displayed on the map as orange areas with cactus watermarks. This biome contains orange grass/sand (that gives Red Primal Blocks) and brown for dirt (which gives orange blocks respectively). There are smaller patches of grass and pebbles that can be broken to get Glim and Bombs.

This biome is made up of large bone structures, tall mesas, saloons, and steampunk structures to give it a "wild west" theme, and enemies include desert creatures such as undead miners, living cactus and occasionally steampunk robots like Steambot Drones and Gigas Minerbots.

This is the home of the Gunslinger.


It’s easy to lose your bearings in the vast Desert Frontier. The only landmarks for miles are remnants of ancient civilizations and massive bones of venerable creatures. Make sure to bring extra water and armor because if the giant scorpions and prickly cacti don’t get you the relentless sun will!

In these biomes, the sun beats down on baked red sand, and large natural sandstone formations jut from the ground. Natural growth, when it can be found, is stunted and shrublike. Massive skeletons of ancient megafauna litter the landscape, and the evidence of brave (but ultimately foolish) settlers’ attempts to tame this inhospitable land can be found from place to place. Decoration items from the Desert Frontier should be roughly “Wild West”-themed. Props appropriate in the hands of cowboys or desperados or found in a rickety saloon would all fit well here. Antique wooden clockwork objects of moderate complexity will also find a good home in the Desert Frontier.

Weapons from this biome should look appropriate for a standard Wild West setting, and should represent a higher level of technology than the more fantasy-themed biomes. Wood and basic metals are still the order of the day, but they can be used to construct inventive and charming antique clockwork weapons.

Biome Colors

Element (R, G, B) # Color Primal Block
Dirt 255, 74, 36 ff4a24 Primal Red
Rock 167, 89, 78 a7594e Primal Orange
Cave 130, 57, 46 82392e Primal Grey
Cactus 67, 84, 72 435448 Primal Green
Bone 247, 241, 230 f7f1e6 Primal Grey
Wood (Structure, Light) 192, 177, 121 c0b179 Primal Yellow
Wood (Structure, Dark) 87, 57, 25 573919 Primal Orange



From Environment From Ore Veins From Enemies From Lairs/Dungeons
Glim small Glim
from dry grass
and pebbles
Shapestone Ore small Shapestone Ore Bleached Bone small Bleached Bone
from ALL undead mobs
Frontier Recipe small Frontier Recipe
from Frontier Recipe Lairs
Bomb small Bomb
from dry grass
and pebbles
Formicite Ore small Formicite Ore Robotic Salvage small Robotic Salvage
from ALL steampunk mobs
Bottle small Bottle
from Bottle Plants
Infinium Ore small Infinium Ore
Golden Soul small Golden Soul
Only found in other ore veins
Primordial Flame small Primordial Flame


Enemy Natural Spawn Lair/Dungeon Spawn Lair Boss Dungeon Pre-Boss Dungeon Boss Cursed Skulls
Enemy Arcanium-Crazed Foreman Arcanium-Crazed Foreman Yes Yes Yes
Enemy Arcanium-Crazed Miner Arcanium-Crazed Miner Yes Yes Yes Yes
Enemy Bone Blade Bone Blade Yes
Enemy Cactote Cactote Yes Yes
Enemy Cactote Warlord Cactote Warlord Yes Yes Yes
Enemy Desert Crab Desert Crab Yes Yes
Enemy Emerald Iguana Emerald Iguana Yes
Enemy Gila Monster Gila Monster Yes Yes Yes
Enemy Gigas Minerbot Gigas Minerbot Yes
Enemy Golden Beetle Golden Beetle Yes
Enemy Saloonbot Saloonbot Yes Yes
Enemy Shearwing Shearwing Yes Yes
Enemy Steambot Drone Steambot Drone Yes
Enemy Steambot Overseer Steambot Overseer Yes Yes Yes
Enemy Waspider Waspider Yes Yes


2016-08-22 165748
Water tower
2016-08-22 171259
2016-08-22 165827
2016-08-22 171116
Gear Tower
2016-08-20 155127
2016-08-20 155218
Sands of Time
2016-08-22 171558
Desert Oasis
2016-08-22 170457
Waterfall cave
2016-08-22 170516
Trusty Rustic Tavern
2016-08-22 165512
Recipe Dungeon


2016-08-20 204546
Cacty the Cactus
2016-08-22 165625
Desert Fortress
2016-08-22 172519
Abandoned Train Station
2016-08-20 160958
Desert Town
2016-08-22 171311
Regal Tower
2016-08-15 230821
Abandoned Mine
2016-08-20 155302
The Great Sand Worm
2016-12-25 185217
Desert Indian Village


2016-12-25 185127
Christmas tree (Snow fest)
Pumpkin (Shadows eve)

Removed Lairs/Dungeons

Lair Frontier Mines
Dusty Lode


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