Desert Frontier World

Master Adventure Portal

Master Adventure Portal effect

Category Portal
Type Adventure World
Placeable Cornerstone, Club World
Item ID

The Desert Frontier World is specifically made for players who are level 8 and 9. This world will only drop level 8-9 items with a rarity of legendary. One can be found at the hub or can be made at a Builder's Crafting Bench. It contains the Desert Frontier, Medieval Highlands, Permafrost, Cursed Vale, Peaceful Hills, and The Lost Isles biomes.

Crafting Recipe

Crafting Station
Crafting Bench small Crafting Bench
Ingredient(s) Amount
Formicite Ore small

Formicite Ore 40
Glim small

Glim 100
50px Desert Frontier World 1

Experience Table

Description Experience
Mini-Trash Mob 3
Trash Mob 31
Cursed Skulls 400
One-Starred Boss 400 (+31 for kill)
Pre-Boss 155 (+31 for kill)
Three-Starred Boss 775 (+31 or 46 for kill)
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