Dominating Dracomaster

Dominating Dracomaster

Category Styles
Type Costume
Group Dino Tamer
Designer KawaiiCaretaker
Item ID
A costume for the Dino Tamer. Force your foes to flee before the might of your personal flight of dragons.
— Item Description

Dominating Dracomaster is a cosmetic costume that can be used on the Dino Tamer class. It is unlocked by crafting it at the chaos crafter.

This costume also unlocks the following style(s):


Crafting Station
Chaos Core Crafter small Chaos Core Crafter
Ingredient(s) Amount
Chaos Core small

Chaos Core 20
Flux small

Flux 50,000
Meteorite Fragment small

Meteorite Fragment 112
Primordial Flame small

Primordial Flame 500
Bleached Bone small

Bleached Bone 250
Dominating Dracomaster small Dominating Dracomaster 1


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