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This page is under Retired Items.
  • The following item is removed from the game due to obtainability and/or the item being discontinued.
  • Players who had the item previously will not have theirs removed, but the item will not have the same use in the game.

*Reason: "The process of obtaining the Dragon has been changed to using Deep Sea Dragon Eggs to craft the dragon, which removes the Dormant Egg from crafting."

Dormant Tidal Dragon Egg

Dormant Tidal Dragon Egg

Category Dragon Egg
Type Dormant
Item ID
Coax a new flying dragon from the egg using the Dragon Crucible in the Hub!
— Item Description

The Dormant Tidal Dragon Egg is a dragon egg used to "hatch" a Tidal Dragon. This item is used along with other resources at the Dragon Crucible to craft the legendary Thallasion, Shaper of the Currents.

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