Category World Boss
Type Dragon
Primary Biome Candoria
AI Type Dragon Boss
Item Drops
Item (Quantity) Rarity
Candorian Dragon Egg Fragment small Candorian Dragon Egg Fragment
Blueprint ID
Boss Dracocolatl

Dracocolatl is a large World Boss that spawns rarely in Candoria biomes. When defeated, it drops several Candorian Dragon Egg Fragments based on the difficulty of the world, which can be used to craft Dracocolatl, the Mellower at the Dragon Crucible.


Like other World Bosses, Dracocolatl has significantly more health and damage compared to dungeon bosses in the same difficulty, meaning it's best approached with a group of players at the matching power level.

It can heal itself by standing on the Hot Chocolate blocks it spawns, so players need to watch where they land and move it away.

It can perform three attacks:

  • Bite: Dracocolatl will lunge out and bite a nearby player.
  • Wing Buffet: Dracocolatl will jump up and flap its wings to do an aerial attack to a nearby player.
  • Chocolate Cascade: Dracocolatl roars and sprays chocolate projectiles into the air. The projectiles will target a nearby player and drop a 2x2 block of Hot Chocolate, which can then flow further outwards. This chocolate will harm players in the block (very similar to lava blocks) and heals Dracocolatl on contact.

Drop Table

The number of Candorian Dragon Egg Fragments dropped varies based on the difficulty Dracocolatl is defeated in:

World Amount
Uber-2 1
Uber-3 1
Uber-4 1
Uber-5 2
Uber-6 2
Uber-7 3
Uber-8 4
Uber-9 5


  • The unique loot dropped from Dracocolatl is affected by the tier of uber world, however it is not affected by the player's magic find.
  • The boss is massive in size, so it is easy to spot.
  • Dracocolatl grants experience depending on the world you are in and drops 2 pieces of gear and the appropriate amount of Key Fragments of that world (very similar to the loot of a Lair Chest).
  • Dracocolatl can also spawn in rare orange colored gumdrop-shaped Dungeons in Candoria; destroy the gumdrop to find a portal hidden inside, then use that to go directly to a room with Dracocolatl.
    • Despite being similar to a dungeon, with set terrain and a quest popup, it does not appear on the map, nor does it have any monsters or bosses except for Dracocolatl.



  • This enemy uses most of the same model as the mount Dracocolatl, the Mellower, except for two parts (c_mt_dragon_choko_body_03, changed to c_mt_dragon_choko_body_03alt and c_mt_dragon_choko_body_04, changed to c_mt_dragon_choko_body_04alt) to remove the saddle the mount uses.
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