Dracolyte UI
Class Type Melee
Weapon Type Staff
Damage Magic
Biome Dragonfire Peaks
Class Coin small Class Coin
Starter Class Coin small Starter Class Coin
Credits 2 250
Class ID
This staff-wielding engine of destruction is armed to the teeth with Draconic magic, infernal might, and one deadly-adorable Dragon sidekick.
— In-Game Class Description

The Dracolyte is a short-ranged Magic user from the Prime volcanic lands of Trove. This class is considered to be a powerful dragon tank from the Volcanic lands of the Dragonfire Peaks.


Crafting Station
Chaos Core Crafter small Chaos Core Crafter
Ingredient(s) Amount
Chaos Core small

Chaos Core 1
Flux small

Flux 1000
Primordial Flame small

Primordial Flame 10
Bleached Bone small

Bleached Bone 10
50px Dracolyte 1


Basic Attack
RANGE: 6 Blocks
ATTACK RATE: 4 Attacks/Second
Weapon: Staff
Casts a continuous fire spell that shoots in a straight line.
  • Move at 60% movement speed while Basic Attacking.
  • Chars any Cyberian Ice blocks in range, making them no longer slippery for 20s.
  • Basic Attack is not affected by attack speed.
Attacks cause enemies to Burn, increasing their damage taken from all sources by 2.5% for 5s.
Move 75% faster while damaged by lava and take less damage from it.
  • Fire damage from lava is applied less frequently. Health Regeneration is still disabled.
  • Does not include damage from Flame or Fireball traps.
Spit Fire
RANGE: 27 Blocks
Spit Fire
Once charged, your familiar shoots a fireball, dealing 200% MD to the first enemy hit and 400% MD AoE (2x2) damage.
Damaging enemies or Dragon Idols 3 times charges your familiar.
  • Multiple enemies will charge this skill faster.
  • Familiar puffs up, plays a sound effect and gains a glow when charged.
  • Doesn't fade out the buff when idle.
  • Capable of destroying blocks.
Burnt Offering
Energy Cost 65
RANGE: 6 Block Radius
Burnt Offering
Throws a Dragon Idol on the ground that explodes after 3s.
Dracolyte's Styles Staff Basic Attacks can detonate the idol early, dealing damage over an area.
  • Explodes after being struck 2 times.
  • Capable of destroying blocks.
Burning Ward
Burning Ward
When a Burnt Offering Burnt Offering detonates, it also spawns a mini Dracolyte minion that attacks enemies for a brief duration.
Class Gem Dracolyte
  • Minions' health diminishes over time and will be killed in 13s if they receive no damage or healing.
  • Minions each have the same damage and attack rate as the Dracolyte's basic attack.
  • Can be healed by Chloromancer class icon Chloromancer's Styles Staff Basic Attack and Blooming Pollinator Blooming Pollinator.
Avatar of Flame
Cooldown 40s
RANGE: 6 Blocks
Avatar of Flame
Transform into a living embodiment of draconic fury, gaining increased stats.

Stability: +200
Movement Speed: +10
Magic Damage: +50%
Damage Reduction: 50%
Health Regeneration: +300%
Basic Attack Damage: +100%
  • Attack range increase to AOE 3x8
  • Attack rate is increased by 1.5 (5.5 attacks/second).
  • Spit Fire is still usable but it is much harder to see the visual effects on the familiar as it is held in the dragon's hand.
  • Can ride mounts whilst transformed (if ability wears off [reaches full duration] while on mounts, transformation will end only when dismounting).
  • Whilst in this form, the Dracolyte can fly without using its equipped wings, instead using the wings that are part of the dragon it transforms into. It still uses the equipped wings' stats and cannot fly without any equipped.

Stat gain per level

Note: Dracolyte gets +20% Maximum Health boost at the start without any gear/gems.

Level Magic Damage Maximum Health Energy Regeneration Stability Jump Critical Damage
2 +10 +20 +1 +1 - -
3 +10 +20 +1 +1 - -
4 +18 +40 +1 +1 - -
5 +18 +40 +1 +1 - -
6 +35 +60 +1 +1 - -
7 +35 +60 +1 +1 - -
8 +50 +80 +1 +1 - -
9 +50 +80 +1 +1 - -
10 +50 +100 +1 +1 - -
11 +50 +100 +1 +1 - -
12 +50 +100 +1 +1 - -
13 +50 +100 +1 +1 - -
14 +50 +100 +1 +1 - -
15 +50 +100 +1 +1 - -
16 +50 +100 +1 +1 - -
17 +50 +100 +1 +1 - -
18 +50 +100 +1 +1 - -
19 +50 +200 +1 +1 - -
20 +50 +300 +2 +2 +1 -
21 +100 +200 +1 +2 - -
22 +100 +200 +1 +2 - -
23 +100 +200 +1 +2 - -
24 +100 +200 +1 +2 - -
25 +150 +300 +1 +3 - -
26 +150 +300 +1 +3 - -
27 +150 +300 +1 +3 - -
28 +150 +300 +1 +3 - -
29 +200 +400 +3 +4 - -
30 +250 +500 +4 +5 - +25


As a Dracolyte, you must be mindful of the damage you take and the damage you can output whilst in a battle.

- Placing your Dragon Idols beforehand can deal massive damage whilst you are attacking

- Place your Dragon Idols before activating a Cursed Skull, it is very effective to take out an entire wave of enemies.

- If you get Prowling Shadow/Samantha, you can become effectively invincible, due to the nature of your basic attacks.

- If there is an allied Dracolyte with you, you can set off his bombs if he cannot, dealing damage to the enemies he might be having trouble with. Also, he can set off your bombs.

- In a stressful situation, you can use Avatar of Flame and lay out a field of destruction. This is very useful because when you are in dragon form, you take much less damage while you deal more damage. It is useful when surrounded by multiple monsters.

- Your abilities all deal AOE damage, so group up enemies for maximum efficiency.

- You can lay down bombs (bombs last 20 seconds) with other Dracolytes and setting them all off can incinerate any monsters in the area

  • Be wary of ranged monsters, your only long ranged ability is Spit Fire, and you must have it charged to take out enemies from afar**
  • Taking out the ranged as early as possible can prevent further damage in a big fight, or let your allies take it out.
  • Equipping items with Attack Speed will have no effect on this class.
  • Using the ultimate then mounting can act as a 'double health' to help you traverse large dungeons.

Beware of

  • Ranged Enemies: Your short range without Dragon Form will make it hard to get up to their face. Try to prioritize them over melee as they can easily be kited due to their slowness and your ranged attack.
  • Enemies (bosses) with thorns: The 'damage reflection' will kill you.


Dracolyte (15)
Item Description Obtained
Starter Dracolyte small Starter Dracolyte
0 Mastery points
N/A • Granted to all players.
Level 10 Dracolyte small Level 10 Dracolyte
35 Mastery points
N/A • Granted to all players after reaching EXP lv. 10 as Dracolyte.
Level 20 Dracolyte small Level 20 Dracolyte
35 Mastery points
N/A • Granted to all players after reaching EXP lv. 20 as Dracolyte.
Ashen Beast small Ashen Beast
70 Mastery points
A costume for the Dracolyte. These well-worn ceremonial robes have been blessed by a powerful and ancient dragon lord. • Bought from the store for Credits small 750
Shadow Maw small Shadow Maw
70 Mastery points
A costume for the Dracolyte. Enchanted by mystic ruins of dark power, these robes also darken your dragonling familiar and ultimate form. • Bought from the store for Credits small 750
Balefire Beast small Balefire Beast
70 Mastery points
A costume for the Dracolyte. Infused with dread balefire, those robes also add a touch of chaos to your dragonling familiar and ultimate form. • Bought from the store for Credits small 1250
Dreamolyte small Dreamolyte
70 Mastery points
A costume for the Dracolyte. How dreamy do you want to be? • Bought from the store for Credits small 750
To The Nines Pack
Mecha-Dracolyte small Mecha-Dracolyte
70 Mastery points
A costume for the Dracolyte. Mech or treat. • Bought from the store for Credits small 1500
Shadow's Eve Costume Pack
Turtleborn small Turtleborn
70 Mastery points
A costume for the Dracolyte. Side with your aquatic reptilian brethren. • Bought from the store for Credits small 750
S'more Sweetness small S'more Sweetness
70 Mastery points
A costume for the Dracolyte. Weaponized marshmallow and chocolate? Yum! How about s'more! Spooky Swag Bag
Plum Powerhouse small Plum Powerhouse
70 Mastery points
A costume for the Dracolyte. Channels the power of a legendary Candorian ruler Snowfest Pack
Macedoine Master small Macedoine Master
70 Mastery points
A costume for the Dracolyte. Juice up your draconic magic with this fruit-melange finery. • Craftable at the Chaos Core Crafter.
Partisan Pinatrician small Partisan Pinatrician
70 Mastery points
A costume for the Dracolyte. Channel your inner party animal and light the night on fire. • Craftable at the Chaos Core Crafter.
Vengeful Avatar small Vengeful Avatar
105 Mastery points
A costume for the Dracolyte. Hold within you the scorn of ten thousand innocent souls, and in their name take vengeance. Bought from the Shadowy Market
Moonfire Mystic small Moonfire Mystic
175 Mastery points
A rare lunar Dracolyte Costume. Perfect for those who fan the flames of destruction in pursuit of a greater goal. Bought from the Shadowy Market




Official Trove Dracolyte Class Video


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