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The Dragonfire Peaks are boiling over with danger. Firewalk through a maze of molten canyons and valleys patrolled by beasts with a taste for cubic flesh. You probably want your loot rare, but with dragonkin on patrol, just hope you’re not fully cooked yourself!

Dragonfire Peaks (also known to be called Blazing Emberlands, Volcanic Fields, and Dragon's Teeth) is a Prime World Biome presented by the dark brown “Volcanic” theme. It exists in Adventure Worlds Uber-5 or higher and can appear in small patches or massive chunks of land. The items that can be obtained here that are randomly generated are Bleached Bones as well as large amounts of ores such as Shapestone and Primordial Flame. It also contains the Sub-Orbital Aeronautics Replicator Terminal (S.O.A.R.) used to craft the Infinity Diamond.

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Dragonfire biomes are displayed on the map as dark brown areas with fire watermarks. This biome contains brown covered terrain (that gives Gray Primal Blocks) and variants of orange and dark brown for dirt and stone (which gives Orange and Gray primal blocks respectively). There are smaller patches of torched grass that can be broken to get Glim and Bombs.

This biome is made up of lava filled craters and mountains with molten caves to give it a volcanic theme, and enemies include fiery beings such as Lava Beetles and Red Dragons.

This is the home of the Dracolyte.

Biome Colors

Element (R, G, B) # Color Primal Block
Grass 087, 076, 065 574c41 Primal Grey small Primal Grey
Dirt 056, 046, 047 382e2f Primal Orange small Primal Orange
Stone 031, 017, 017 1f1111 Primal Grey small Primal Grey



From Environment From Ore Veins From Enemies From Lairs/Dungeons
Glim small Glim
from Torched Grass
Shapestone Ore small Shapestone Ore Bleached Bone small Bleached Bone
from Skeletal Draks
Dragonfire Recipe small Dragonfire Recipe
from Dragon Fire Peaks Recipe Lairs
Bomb small Bomb
from Torched Grass
Primordial Flame small Primordial Flame Sticky Ichor small Sticky Ichor
from Lava Beetles
and Magmitos
Bleached Bone small Bleached Bone
from Bone Mounds
- - -


Enemy Natural Spawn Lair/Dungeon Spawn Lair Boss Dungeon Boss
Enemy Dragon Whelp Dragon Whelp Yes Yes
Enemy Ember Drake Ember Drake Yes Yes Yes
Enemy Lava Beetle Lava Beetle Yes Yes
Enemy Lava Crab Lava Crab Yes Yes
Enemy Magma Drak Magma Drak Yes Yes
Enemy Magman Magman Yes Yes Yes
Enemy Magmito Magmito Yes Yes
Enemy Red Dragon Red Dragon Yes Yes
Enemy Skeletal Drak Skeletal Drak Yes Yes
Enemy Stingdrake Stingdrake Yes


2016-08-24 165614
Ashen Church
2016-08-20 212416
Draconic Altar
2016-08-24 165929
Fire Embryo
2016-08-24 165501
Small Volcano
2016-08-24 214517
Statue Volcano
2016-08-24 165512
Fire Castle
2016-08-20 145459
Flaming Orb
2016-08-20 152259
Volcanic Eggs
2016-08-24 165402
Broken Crystal
2016-08-20 154935
Flame crystal
2016-08-20 145523
Bone Dragon Altar
2016-08-20 144906
Ashen Altar

Swarm Dungeons

2016-08-24 165531
Dragon Tower
2016-08-24 165944
Dragons breath


2016-08-21 145008
Giant Dragon
2016-08-20 145711
Dragon rock
2016-08-20 145638
Ashen Spire
2016-08-24 214958
Fire Crystals
2016-08-20 155555
Dragonfire Temple
2016-08-20 155035
Chained Dragon Castle
2016-08-20 213052
Great Volcano
2016-08-20 155854
Giant Volcano


2016-12-25 185440
Christmas tree (Snow fest)
Pumpkin (Shadows eve)


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